I work at Waffle House ama

Master trapper, survivalist and bushcraft MacGyver - I’m Stan Zuray, star of Discovery Channel’s Yukon Men. AMA!

A good friend and I always end up sleeping together when we're dunk. AMA!

IAMA 22 year old female 'slave' (in the fetish sense) with a 32 year old master. I also recently started playing World of Warcraft. Ask me anything!

I’m in a state of Korean focus! AMA!

Hi I'm Shashi Tharoor. Ask me Anything on India, politics, foreign affairs, history, and more!

I'm a teen girl who hates being thin and has body image issues. AMA!

I'm a 45 year old female high school teacher and last Saturday, I won a case against my boss over my relationship with a former student who graduated over 12 years ago! AMA!

I'm a 45 year old female high school teacher and last Saturday, I won a case against my boss over my relationship with a former student who graduated over 12 years ago! AMA!

My GF broke up with by text. So in turn I didn't reply. AMA

We’re Inbal and Francois, Creative Directors on the product design team at frog, a global design and strategy firm. We solve complex problems by designing unique and new experiences, and may have e...

PLOS Science Wednesday: Hi reddit, I'm Ole Andreassen and my colleagues and I developed and validated a new genetic score to predict the age of Alzheimer's disease onset -- Ask Me Anything!

I also live in Monaco, AMA

I'm a Finnish student AMA

White trash raised, currently getting a master's degree. AMA.

Im a student that has spent the last 4 years living in a country I do not speak the language of AMA

I build trusses for houses and floor joist for a living but on Monday I start my new job as the manager of an organic flour mill. AMA

I've worked as a Sales Rep for Verizon and am now working at Sprint. AMA!!!!!!

I'm a single mom of twins. AMA.

I am a practicing attorney in Boston, an expert on immigration law and policy, and a lecturer at Northeastern University. You probably don't know anything about immigration law or policy, or how th...

I just got a Fleshlight as a gift from the wife AMA

I Was Mayor of Thneedville Before i got Blasted out of Town Ask me Anything

Just returning home from a Road Trip from Seattle to AZ and back. AMA about our trip!

I am a sociopath looking to change my ways of deceit through counseling. Ask Me Anything

IamA first time bike rebuilder who just got his first bike stolen. AMA!

I'm a 21 year old top-producing real estate agent. AMA

I'm an English Teacher (sorta) in Japan! AMA

I am a recovering cocaine addict. AMA

I am a Canadian that did LSD and watched the US elections. AMA

Almost every second of the day I feel anxiety or paranoia. AMA.

I just showered with goggles on, AMA

I'm a first year psychology doctorate student, AMA.

Today is my 23rd birthday. Im drinking alone at the bar. AMA

Currently at work as a security guard at a Coal mining facility (night shift). AMA!

I am not a member of any terrorist organizations AMA.

I'm a dwarf rabbit owner/expert AMA

IAMA 22 year old woman dating a celebrity, AMA!

IAMA straight guy that got a bj from a drag queen ama

I'm in recovery from anorexia. AMA.

I recently did nine days in a mental hospital. AMA!

I took a 3-day cruise on the Disney Dream to Castaway Cay, AMA!

Im a dairy queen employee in canada. Ama

I'm a random dude who was born & stuck in the hole of a country that is known as Ukraine! AMA!

My grandmother just arrived to live with us from Venezuela. AMA!

I was an American stuck in Ataturk Airport during the coup last year. AMA!

I have BPD-- AMA

I've used pretty much every type of steroid over the last 5 years. AMA

I'm a 22 year old guy who has kept a diary every single day for the past year. AMA

IAMA college student whose teacher died in front of the class last week and today was our first class since then. AMA.

I am a Candidate for ELY, AMA!

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