I'm R!k Schnabel, an Executive Coach, Speaker, NLP & Coach Trainer, and Author. Ask me anything.

Rik Schnabel: Hi Tommy, I would love to say all of them, but sadly, the answer is very few of my friends bought any of my books. One thing that you have to come to terms with as you grow to become more public - that may intimidate your friends and worse, some memb…

AMA: Lessons from a Mediocre Teacher - The Mediocre Teacher Project.

DrMarquitaBlades: The Mediocre Teacher Project includes an assessment that identifies the specific source(s) of burnout, discovery activities that help identify a teacher's desire to remain in the classroom or move on, instructional strategies that can be implemented …
May 23, 2018

Business AMA for the Crazy Asian.

Sherman On: I stay motivate by accepting each day as a gift to do my best and give my all in each situation I find myself.  I still make mistakes.  I'm late.  I get flustered and irritated and might react poorly, yet I live like it should be all let on the field…

I found out through journalism that a Wyoming school district passed a public records policy that may have violated the law, according to the state's open-government attorney. I also uncovered through the same process that a Wyoming city passed a law that appears to conflict with the state's (that would be illegal), teachers being concerned with retaliation in the district and in Utah, the Trump resistance and the negative impact of Mormonism on the state. I've also reported some on the Robert Mueller investigation. AMA.

Rhett Wilkinson: Hi Jovana -- thank you for the question! However, I'd need "policy" defined, and further, probably a more specific question about something within that policy. :) --Rhett

I partner with purpose-driven leaders to align strategy, operations, and individual engagement within an organization. AMA

Michele Stacks: Thank you for the question. I want to evolve and broaden my services as my clients needs change.  But as far as accomplishments, the services I offer my clients are valuable and I get joy in making a positive impact.  Over the next 5 years if I my cl…

Hi, I’m Michiel. I'm an avid adventure traveller who moved to Cape Town, obtained permanent residency and launched my first business all in 1.5 years. Ask me Anything.

Michiel De Vogeleer: Hi ChristopherYou can submit as many dreams as you like because at Viral Dreaming we believe in limitless thinking to create something truely amazing. Although you won't be able to submit multiple dreams as long as you haven't commented on at least 2…
May 23, 2018

Ask Me Anything about marketing your military business during a PCS / move successfully!

Jenny Hale: Meet people! I always recommend that military families network online prior to the move - make friends! Use LinkedIn! When you get there, join Meet Up groups, networking events, and get out there!  Collaborations are key for building your business, s…

AMA! Kerry Wekelo: Want to skyrocket your career? Start a new business? I have been coaching others at my firm and personally and have seen others blossom to meet their DREAMS.

Kerry Alison Wekelo: Consulting and loved the diversity so much so I still work in consulting 20 years later.
May 23, 2018

Scott Reyns on voice acting in games AMA

Scott Reyns: I focus on whatever specs came with the audition. Usually there are at least some, and often there's also a visual reference, sometimes also links and so on. Sometimes, and relative to how much info like that came with the sides or not, also to howev…

AMA #3: Son of the Jack of the of all trades Web Producer. Obscure media you didn’t know existed, Face reveal and Boobies?

Takeshi Kinniku: People will know what I look like, long and short of it.

My name is Toni Marinucci and I am a Registered Dietitian who coaches people on how to develop healthy habits so that they can overcome the perpetuates cycle of dieting. Ask me anything!

I’m Laurence MacNaughton, an award-winning author of more than a dozen novels, novellas, and short stories. AMA about writing, publishing, the writer's life, anything!

Laurence MacNaughton: There's this pervasive and unfortunate myth that writers have to choose between writing something “good” and something that's “popular.” That's just untrue. As a creative person, the right approach is to write what you're passionate about and what yo…

Leadership Life Coach- Ask Me Anything.

Ja Vaughna B.: I focus on women because that is my niche market but I am open to working with both men and women. 

Amy McNally Success coach who specializes in helping clients make more money! AMA

Coachamymcnally: I don’t use software, I focus on having the right mindset around money to allow more in!

How does the Impostor Syndrome show up in your leadership style? #AMA

Michelle Gomez: Very real. It’s experienced by over 70% of the population. Men have experienced it but it’s most prevalent in women. 

My name is Charity, I specialize in boudoir photography. I love to shoot my clients half naked outside! Ask Me Anything

Charity Epperson: I am fortunate enough I have private property, so I mainly shoot there. If I have my clients session somewhere more public my clients know people could be around and that they dress appropriately, nothing showing private parts (sheer fabrics), etc As…
May 23, 2018

Ask a marriage and family therapist! Anything you've wanted to ask a therapist, about therapy or life in general? Ask me anything!

Lindsay: Emily: Ahhh. The age-old dilemma of boundary setting with the family of origin. This is something that varies a lot between individuals and depends pretty heavily on the context around them. What one person might see as intrusive another might label …
May 23, 2018

I’ve lived in 6 countries and used my voice and fashion blog to empower Asian minorities in Europe and USA.... ask me anything.

Wéko Tsai: It's got to be the cut-throat competition and the exploitation. Personally I find the fashion industry even more ruthless than the music industry.
May 23, 2018

Is independence more valuable than wealth? AMA the founder anything about choosing the right choice when making career shifts.

Jam Zovein: I've built (or am building) a registered investment advisor, Caravela LLC, to help individuals and families protect and build their wealth. I also am in the process of building Divvy Up, Inc. to help chnage people's approach to saving by encouraging …
May 23, 2018

I'm Kala Maxym, founder and chief event composer of Five Senses Tastings. Ask me anything about how to create an amazing event by pairing food, wine, and music!

Kala Maxym: Absolutely! Each struggle has made me stronger. Might be a cliché but it's so true! There are always things we could have done better along any given journey but it has – and continues to be – worth it every day because I am doing what I love!
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