Sydney Musician Promoting Through Social Media (AMA About Promoting)

What are some good websites or social media platforms musicians must sign up for?

Has the Impostor Syndrome/Experience shown up in your career/life? You're not alone! 70% of the population has this experience. It's the high-achievers' dirty little secret. How has it shown up in your life? Ask Me Anything.

What's the difference between impostor syndrome and low-esteem?

Build your music skills, grow your community, change your life - I create fantastic music retreats and workshops. Ask Me Anything about joining in or organising your own retreat for creatives.

Marketing is always an issue, I have an extensive email list and make use of Facebook and other social media. Networking with existing music organisations is also a good source.

Apr 25, 2018

If George Washington Wanted To Run For Governor Today, He Couldn’t Even Get On The Ballot | AMA

Unemployment continues to be a problem that disproportionately affects the majority of citizens in the US. What would you do to create jobs in your region?

Creating fiction that bites: AMA about how I create fiction and my writing.

What first drew you to vampires as mythical creatures as opposed to witches or anything else?

I am the founder of TeamRoc. Have you let life events define you? Ask me anything.

Are you ready to push the limits and discover your true potential as a leader?

AMA - Find out about the global movement Rock Against Poverty and the business behind it from Victoria Garlick, Founder and CEO of air events global.

How do you deal with setbacks, failures and fear in your business?
Apr 25, 2018

Female tech entrepreneur who values employee flexibility to meet clients' always-on needs. Ask Me Anything about digital marketing, media buying, ad tech, female entrepreneurship and being a working mom!

How do you manage time, especially while being a mother?

I'm a young woman with an extrovert personality, living with a chronic illness and trying to live life to the fullest! I'm all about fashion, good vibes, alternative music and much more. Don't be shy. Ask me anything!

What are the topic you prefer to write about? What is the hardest thing you’ve had to write so far?
Apr 25, 2018

My name is Lila - I was crazy enough to start the one and only flip-flop company out of Texas, called Hari Mari. AMA about brand building!

How did you promote Hari Mari? Was it a word-of-mouth marketing? Trade shows? Traditional publicity outlets? What worked?

What does the art term "tick mark" mean? Artist Jimmy Reagan knows. Tick marks are present in many of his works and are used to create patterns for fabrics at TJE Fashion. #AMA Ask Me Anything!

We hope so! Jimmy had several pieces at the LA Art Show in January. This fair is one of the largest modern and contemporary art shows worldwide. It looks like we will also be at the Outsider Art Fair in Paris in October  and Art

and Art Basel Miami in December

We also have several local events throughout the year in Minnesota.  

Thanks for asking!

Just your average gamer trying to establish my place in the community. AMA about Gaming!

Are there any Twitch streamers you enjoy watching during your downtime?

AMA: Why temporal philosophy affects imaginative endeavors?

Besides J.O'Barre's 'The Crow' what other graphic novel do you like and have influenced your work the most and why?

I'm Co-Founder of RHOVIT, a new Virtual and Crypto Currency backed entertainment platform - a tokenized iTunes. Ask Me Anything!

What motivated you to develop a crypto currency?

Jennifer Jo Fay, author of new release, America's Favorite Lottery Winner #2 Poetess, a romantic suspense. Ask me anything about writing fiction novels.

What kind of fiction genre would you like to venture to but still haven't?
Apr 25, 2018

I teach music as a martial art. AMA

I continue to publish books on the subject of Arts Education, and I am looking to speak anywhere and everywhere.  We are growing the Grant Park Academy of the Arts to bring our work to the public.  And of course, I'll keep teaching and strive to improve!

Apr 25, 2018

I am a Creative Technologist from New Zealand. AMA!

What have been some of Seeper's most impressive tech creations?

Self-publishing Veteran, with VP publishing house experience. Pick my brain and #AMA

Totally valid! Here's why; you need to be one bada**ed person to keep your true story in the traditonal publishing game. It requires nerves of steel, and at times, a stone cold heart, but it can be rewarding. 

A study I read(medical study), polled writers, finding that 95% of them have some form of mental illness. This hold back even the strongest of us! Its why, I believe, most of us go indie. We have the freedom to be shy or proud whenever we want. With a publisher, you don't have the choice of flaking out, unless you want to lose money. 

While both can be stressful, self-publishing is more mood friendly!

Hope that helps, and thanks for the awesome question!

AMA about body therapy, craniosacral, SER, deep relaxing, physiotherapy, physical therapy...

It was with an eight-year-old boy with a funnel chest. I should treat him. I thought about what I could do and mobilized the thoracic vertebrae. At the same time, the eighth whirlwind woke me up. He moved under my fingers. I followed this movement but could not explain it physiologically. So I asked a very experienced Killegin. She laughed out loud and said that I had probed the craniosacral rhythm. I was very excited and immediately registered for a first course at the Upledger Institute. So I started to learn craniosacral therapy from the basic course over years to advanced.

Apr 25, 2018

Blockchain technology and the development of the financial regulations for Blockchain technology. Where do we stop regulating? When does regulation become control? AMA

I personally am attracted to the transperency. The objective is fantastic and the results are really according to the overall market. 

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