AMA Tack Media: How to generate leads for your small business. What are the best channels and what to expect with a small budget.

Tack Media Digital Marketing Agency: Hi Kathleen, Social Media Marketing is used for both B2C and B2B marketing services. Its especially useful when other business leaders turn to social media for the latest news on Linkedin, and Facebook Groups. But we also actively provide social med…

AMA#Never Give Up On You.

Barke Kamuss: The secret is when I help others i get more courage to empower and inspire others, I love to see people grow and succeed in their goals from where they were to where there want to go and most of all its all about the journey to get them where they wa…
May 20, 2018

Ask Me Anything! Empowerment is not achieved from external sources. It is achieved through your own enlightenment.

Lisa Alvarez: I am here to answer any questions you may have in regards to your life, your marriage, your relationships, or any area of life you're needing more focus and direction in.
May 20, 2018

Challenged by your product, customer, user and how to visualise product-market fit... AMA about product innovation and commercialisation.

Guy Inbar: Thanks for your question - One way to look at MVP is as a strategy that helps you learn about the way customers use and understand your product. The process offers a framework where the minimal amount of features (hence amount of work/funding/time re…

Hello, pleased to meet you! I’m Jenny Campbell, I’m an artist creating costumes in New Orleans. AMA!

Jenny Campbell: Good question, honest answer, I have very little marketable skills other than this or museum work! I’ve always worked in the arts, always will, never went to college, so, this is what I do. I absolutely love what I do so I’m very lucky I have a caree…

If you want to be on radio or TV, I can show you how. Ask me anything. It's the same argument with push vs pull marketing. You need some benefits in what you well not features. So education is part of it, but nothing happens until you close the sale so there has to be some sales incentives as well.

Successful business coach AMA

Ask me anything about spices! I teach people to cook with spices online, I'm a Brand Chef at Happy Bellyfish.

Srikant Singh: If you use it correctly and in moderation then it could actually be beneficial in aiding digestion. I would avoid eating food that is heavy and has an excess of chili or spices that are classified as warm, like pepper, clove, cinnamon, red chilly, et…

AMA about Type 2 Diabetes and how you can naturally lower your A1C and reduce or eliminate your medications including insulin all through diet and nutritional methods like I did.

May 20, 2018

Dropped out of Law School by the age of 21, founder of 3 startups by the age of 23. Ask me anything 🚀

PLM: Education is essential to everyone, and this is my main statement. But you have to understand what kind of education fits you best. For example: if you want to be a medical doctor, going to med school is the right, and only, way for you.
May 20, 2018

5 Pros and Cons of Carbon steel kitchen/Chef Knife. Ask Me Anything about carbon Steel knives.

Gias189: I don't oil it every day actually. if I put them for a long time then i put some oil in it. otherwise, I just wash it and keep dry.

AMA-The Trials And Tribulations Of The American Vet.

Author Carol Gee: The three years we lived in Okinawa. The people, the food, the shopping, i loved it all. Got a chance to visit Japan, Taiwan and South Korea while there.Then there was the time i ate octopus tempura (batter dipped octoous thats deep fried. I was told…
May 19, 2018

Escape with imagination... This is the blog of 2 crazy people who fall in love ... for everything. Travel, photograph, eat, talk, experiment and explore. They like challenges and sometimes have to FLEE to keep themselves in love. Here they share with the world what they come and feel. AMA

Fugir: I would like. But want i like the most is be a photograpgy book ;)

When an AHA moment happens and you realize that the Lord continues to change your life. AMA!

Australia experts! Family and pet friendly travel - Ask Me Anything from city to outback!

Bryony Sumner: We have worked out it costs us about $1000 a week to travel - but this includes all our house costs too (we currently rent our home out). We wrote a series on how much it costs to travel Australia if you are looking for more info.

A Talent Can Become A Profession! #AMA #LeratoNogabe

Lerato Nogabe: We all know that whether you do good or bad, you're still going to be judged. So you need to tell yourself everyday that you are enough and you love yourself no matter what people will say about you.  I think that if you accept yourself and love your…


Siobhan C Cunningham: The analytics tell me that I  have a fanbase of; Age - 18 to 88 yrs Sex -  55% Male / 45% Female Geographic - 60% USA / 35% UK / 5% Rest of World Genre - Thriller / Romance / Murder Mystry / Paranormal / Suspense  When writing I'm targeting my own …

I am a supply chain specialist who spent most of her career in mills and factories AMA about how your clothing is really made.

Melanie DiSalvo: Hi BHARATISARKAR, I think it depends on how open they are to make changes and improvements.

I am a home improvement blogger - I've reviewed home appliances, electronics, bedroom and bathroom items, and much more. Ask me anything!

May 19, 2018

I'm the CEO of L'Impatience, a high-end French lingerie brand that makes time the secret of lust and desire. I built it while freelancing in marketing, and now power its growth by making the most of social media and influence marketing. AMA!

AmelieDC: Hmm... as L'Impatience is thought to be pretty sensual, we're rather offering lingerie for adults than teens. But I suppose young women can definitely find nice garments that will suit them in our collections :)
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