Pitch Apply just launched a crowdfunding project! Ask me anything!

Ask Me Anything about Lobbying for Cannabis in Germany

Cannabis AMA - Ask me anything about writing for, and working in the cannabis industry.

Queer Transgender Co-Founder of Blunt Broz and Chronic Illness Patient AMA About Cannabis And The LGBTQ+ Community

Jan 24, 2018

Hi, I'm TL Brown, and I write fiction about Professional Wrestling. Ask Me Anything.

Cannabis Life and Culture... Cannabis Horticulturalist, Blogger, Creating a Hemp Based Product Business. A Ganjaprenuer Educating the masses on the Lifestyle of Cannabis Users AMA

Vegan eating faux-pas? AMA! I'm giving you the in's and out's of vegan cooking and eating and how to avoid fateful mishaps. Why should you listen to me? I'm a seasoned vegan trained to coach and teach the curious, transitioning, or those adopting a vegan lifestyle.

I am David J. Kent, Author of Books on Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, and Abraham Lincoln. AMA

AMA The "Dead Places Book Project"

Jan 23, 2018

AMA about Purpose + Profit

Jan 23, 2018

AMA:Cat Vision 101-Fact or Figment?

Are you living in a foreign country? If yes, you know the limitations you are faced with especially regarding employment. Well, I would like you to ask me anything on how I made it in a foreign country and still was able to move my wealth with me back home.

Jan 23, 2018

I'm a programmer who runs a Deep Learning and Blockchain Startup! AMA

Jan 23, 2018

Ask me anything about my sci-fi novel about bipedal reptiles preying on humans

Ask me anything about my writing!

The Impact of Marijuana Usage on Young Adults AMA from a Public Health and Medical Perspective

Hey, I'm Zainab (some people call me Tinderella...) I'm a professional Dating Coach here to answer your questions on Tinder, dating, apps and everything in between. AMA!

Jan 23, 2018

Designer, creator of Base UI — Design System for Sketch, and many UI kits. Worked with Adobe, Invision, Proto.io. AMA 🔥

I'm a startup developer who left his job to start 4 businesses. Ask me anything!

Sometimes it's easy to lose weight but we don't know how! Ask me anything

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