May 20, 2018

5 Pros and Cons of Carbon steel kitchen/Chef Knife. Ask Me Anything about carbon Steel knives.

Gias189: I don't oil it every day actually. if I put them for a long time then i put some oil in it. otherwise, I just wash it and keep dry.

AMA-The Trials And Tribulations Of The American Vet.

Author Carol Gee: I have no regrets. The military changed my life's trajectory. Nowhere could i have gotten two colleges degrees without having to pay back loans. I got a chance to travel and see the world. I met and married a wonderful man with whom i remain married …
May 19, 2018

Escape with imagination... This is the blog of 2 crazy people who fall in love ... for everything. Travel, photograph, eat, talk, experiment and explore. They like challenges and sometimes have to FLEE to keep themselves in love. Here they share with the world what they come and feel. AMA

Fugir: I would like. But want i like the most is be a photograpgy book ;)

When an AHA moment happens and you realize that the Lord continues to change your life. AMA!

Australia experts! Family and pet friendly travel - Ask Me Anything from city to outback!

Bryony Sumner: My hubby is a chef so he has the whole cooking thing covered! We don't have cooking facilities in the bus - as the climate is always so great here in Australia we do all our cooking outdoors - there are always lots of BBQs in parks and we also have o…

A Talent Can Become A Profession! #AMA #LeratoNogabe

Lerato Nogabe: We all know that whether you do good or bad, you're still going to be judged. So you need to tell yourself everyday that you are enough and you love yourself no matter what people will say about you.  I think that if you accept yourself and love your…


Siobhan C Cunningham: No.. I get uncomfortable, chilled to the bone, but not scared. It is after all my world I'm creating, I'm in ultimate control. (the word 'scared' always makes me smile, I once sent it in a text to a boyfriend, saying 'I'm scared,' but auto-correct ma…

I am a supply chain specialist who spent most of her career in mills and factories AMA about how your clothing is really made.

Melanie DiSalvo: Hi BHARATISARKAR, I think it depends on how open they are to make changes and improvements.

I am a home improvement blogger - I've reviewed home appliances, electronics, bedroom and bathroom items, and much more. Ask me anything!

May 19, 2018

I'm the CEO of L'Impatience, a high-end French lingerie brand that makes time the secret of lust and desire. I built it while freelancing in marketing, and now power its growth by making the most of social media and influence marketing. AMA!

AmelieDC: Hmm... as L'Impatience is thought to be pretty sensual, we're rather offering lingerie for adults than teens. But I suppose young women can definitely find nice garments that will suit them in our collections :)
May 18, 2018

Traveling since the age of 3...Travel & Lifestyle Blogger who works full-time and still manages to travel. So ask me anything!

Hanny: You will absolutely save money during low travel season. If that’s not something doable, then checking websites like groupon works. I sometimes like to save money by booking a whole package -plane ticket and lodging. Also, if you go to the same brand…

Ask us anything about this best damn clip. We just launched our PENCLIP Type-B on Kickstarter and funded in sucessfully !

Thea Lin: The clip would hold best within the thickness of 5mm and it could go up to 7-8mm depends on the material you are using. If you use it as a money clip, name card clip it would look awesome, very nice and cool.
May 18, 2018

Donna M., Author & Spiritual Mentor. Please feel free to Ask Me Anything. Stay Blessed & Be Inspired!

Donna M.: I believe there is a plan and purpose for all of us since before our birth  i also believe we are given free will . That being said for me in order to live the plan and purpose I must tune in to our creator and tune out my will to know the journey I’…
May 18, 2018

How do you get your books in a bookstore? Is it really worth getting them in there? So ask me anything about it.

Mike Sims: Yes, it would give them more exposure.  I would like them in there anytime.  

Full Stack Talent here - AMA about recruiting, interviewing, résumé building, or Star Wars.

fullstacktalent: I'd say these are the top 5 I typically ask for internal interviews: What's your dream job? What are you passionate about outside of work? What excites you and what concerns you about joining a small company? Why shouldn't I hire you? Desired compen…

I'm Adelaide, author of YA sci-fi trilogy "Whitewashed." Ask Me Anything about publishing, writing, and the new cover for my second book!

Adelaide Thorne: Ah, you want me to reveal my secrets! ;) My Whitewashed trilogy is purely fictional - unless you know people with telepathy and telekinesis? If so, let me know so I can interview them. (Do they ever physically move to get the remote, or do they alway…

I work with people who cringe at the thought of going to work in the morning. I bust the myths about Franchising. #Ask me anything about #franchising. Can you keep a job and own a franchise too?

Tom Scarda, CFE, Speaker, Best Selling Author: Many franchises are taking advantage of marketing systems based on technology for both attracting customers into their stores and also attracting new franchise owners. In some service franchises that require a person to go to a home to perform a serv…
May 18, 2018

Purcado is the new way to shop for shoes. As a startup, we've placed ourselves at the intersection of fashion and technology by allowing you to compare prices from over 100 retailers instantly—AMA!

Purcado: The biggest thing that sets our site apart from countless others is our users’ ability to search and compare prices across 100+ different retailers. We’ve continued to change and grow our site aesthetic and algorithms to make the site easy to navigat…
May 18, 2018

Professional artist and musician François ESSINDI from Cameroon Ask me anything

May 18, 2018

Gaming is a way of life! - STAN_MAN94 from South Africa, Cape Town ( AMA )

Stanley Lu: I'm not from a  poor family nor am I from a wealthy family, let's just say we are too poor to live "comfortably" and too rich to get any sort of help... Gaming has helped me through alot of difficult times over the years, it kept me away from things …
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