May 22, 2018

Psychologist, Personal Trainer, and Wellness Coach who Lost 100+ Pounds AMA with Kimi Walker

Kimi Walker: Spot training, or only targeting one area or muscle group when you exercise, doesn't work and won't produce the results that you want. There's a saying that "abs are built in the kitchen" and it is undoubtedly accurate! Diet wise, I always suggest li…

Win B2B clients by podcasting - AMA

Simon Thompson: Video is good - it's simply more content, which you can post to more places (always good).  Depending on the format, you may charge for the video, but if it's a standard interview, the video may not add that much value... I still recommend doing it i…
May 22, 2018

AMA about how I managed actually survive all of this?

Column1: The number one change is that I no longer think that I am crazy. I no longer believe that I will someday end up in an institution for people with serious mental issues. I now know that in most respects I am just as normal as most anyone else. I just …

Name is Ricky Marton! Founder of the charitable clothing brand and marketplace, Be Robin Hood, aerial videography company, AirView Creative, & soon to hit the market, Jon Oscar Watches - while hitting 5 continents and over 20 countries. Ask Me Anything about my journey!

Ricky Marton: I think those are too broad of categories to be able to answer accurately. I'm by no means a fashion expert, but I'd say that they both of them really rely on who their designer & seller is - big name or not.

AMA: What is the biggest struggle you have trying to get engaged couples to book your wedding services over social media?

Rothweiler Event Design: Hi Terika, My answer might not be popular, but this is my experience....YouTube isn't where it's at anymore. They have made it very difficult to get attention and you can't put ads on anything without a bazillion subscribers. If you want to learn mor…
May 22, 2018

Fitness Industry Expert. Looking to optimize your health & fitness? Ask me anything.

Angelo Gala: I use a 3 week rule when programming changes in volume or intensity..especially when adjusting run mileage / intensity. Every 3 weeks you can increase the complexity of a skill: For example, over the course of three weeks, train the stationary split …

Janessa White AMA - CEO of Simply Eloped.

simplyeloped: I come from a background of customer service, management and event coordination (including weddings). My business partner comes from the world of online marketing and technical management. We are a perfect match for one another!

Where's My Drunk Text? New Single by Madeline Rosene AMA

Madeline Rosene: I think there's actually an app for it!! :)

Are You a Blocked Creative? Ask Me Anything About How You Can Consistently Come Up with Creative Ideas!

Allison Constantino: What a great question and I have a great answer!  I absolutely LOVE collecting all types of art from my all artist friends and displaying their work!  If we're lucky, we can exchange our original art, if we both like what the other artist paints! So,…

AMA about The Rise of #Madibaism.

Jabulani Andrew Nzilane: Most definitely.
May 21, 2018

I'm Mike Sims and I help app entrepreneurs secure investor funding by producing top-quality app business plans and pitch decks. Ask me anything!

Mike Sims: The first thing that we do is help them understand the process and requirements for funding, then we help mold their startup to exceed those requirements.  Here's what we don't do --- we don't set up investor meetings for the entrepreneur, we don't p…

Online Dating ~ What do you need to know? Ask Me Anything

Keridak Silk, MS, CCH: Good question.  It really depends on how social you are. If you are in lots of groups and find it easy to talk to people then the old fashioned just meet someone can work well. I met my ex-husband as a blind date (we were together for 27 years) My Bo…

I'm an ADVENTURE JUNKIE and Founder of Adventure Abroad, taking luxury trekking experiences all around the world, from the Himalayas to the European Alps. AMA

tom_allwright: We will grow, slowly! I am always thinking of ways we can expand and grow, however more importantly I have to keep having fun. I would prefer to profit 50% less if it means we are all having fun.

I'm a holistic health coach and wellness advocate. I believe in addressing the cause of health issues through good diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. Ask me anything

Monika Pietrowski: The paleo diet is based on the principle of only eating the food our caveman ancestors would have eaten - for optimal health. This includes meat, fish, vegetables, wild fruits, eggs, nuts, quinoa, healthy fats including coconut oil, avocado, ghee and…

How many countries have you cooked from? I am cooking through every country at and have about 70 countries under my belt. Ask Me Anything!

Evelyne at CulturEatz: Hi MAWADDAH! Very hard to pick just a few, I have mentioned some in other answers, like the Brazilian Moqueca fish stew, my recent try at the Thai steamed fish (I ate half 'on set' after the photo shoot and the Punschtorte cake. One recipe I made onc…

AMA - How to exploit the media's insatiable appetite for information to get free publicity for any product, service, company or cause

Michael Hart: A lot of failure, regrouping, testing, research and study. My early days of working with the press produced dismal results. But like any skill you wish to master you simply have to practice. As Bob Segar sang "you have to learn what to knead in and w…
May 21, 2018

What do I need to know when Buying or Selling in Los Angeles, California in 2018? Is it worth Investing in a Home or Investment Property in a Sellers Market in Los Angeles, California. Should I sell my property to cash out? AMA - IEI Realty

IEI Realty: The downside of listing without a licensed professional can be costly especially if a deal goes sour.  The buyer could be entitled to damages due to lacking and or fraudulent disclosures.

Passionate and dedicated Digital Marketing superhero focused exclusively on growing SMEs via AMA.

Akara David: Id say the B2C is my strongest point and my favourite. I have worked with the Education and also health industry. My ideal client base will be the education sector
May 21, 2018

I dropped out of UCLA at 19 years old to pursue a startup that connects tutors & students. With only $800, I bootstrapped the company well into 7 figures in revenue without taking on a single dollar in capital. AMA!

Ryan Neman: Hi Kathleen, I received a ton of negativity when I first decided to drop out. Everyone I knew was out of state for college (family as well as friends), and it felt like the spotlight was on me as a failure. However, this ended up benefitting me in th…

#AMA - Men, what are the biggest turn offs for you in the beginning stages when dating a woman?

Sonya Michelle Kreizman: It depends on the severity of the mistake. If it's something as crucial as lying from the beginning, then my advice is once a liar, always a liar. Stay away. 
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