If classes are boring or unchallenging, how do I become a critical thinker and ultimately a leader of change? Our focus is personal finance, career, college planning and funding, critical thinking, problem-solving, goal setting, team building and communications. AMA regarding these topics.

Lorraine Decker: We have all had experience with non-thinking employees. The normal response is to just shake our heads. Brenda Lynch, one of our RLFM school district leaders tells a story of a sister needing to hire a dental receptionist. They had hundreds of applic…

We're Diktionary.com - The Human Dictionary . We live on a remote Scottish island. We've got no money and no website (yet). Even so, The Financial Times thinks we.. '...could be a fine social and business tool' . Jonathan Margolis 02.05.18 How the hell did that happen? Ask Us Anything :)

Chris Diktionary: The engine that drives Diktionary.com will be the principle that it is 'one person, one word'. Put simply, it wouldn't be much of a Diktionary if you were searching on the site for multiple words and the same person kept popping up. It would render t…

I am Sidney Evans - Brand Strategist, Author and Consultant. Ask me anything about building a powerful company or personal brand. I help transform brands and people into #BrandRockstars.

Sidney Evans, MBA: Please clarify the question.
May 21, 2018

ROSI: The Worlds First Digital Gemologist! Ask Me Anything Related to Engagement Rings and Finding the Best Diamond for Your Budget!

RockHer: Hi, Cultured Pearls are exactly that, cultured. The pearls are created in an Oyster Farm under a controlled enviroment. A disturbance substance particle is insterted into the Oysters Mantle, the Oyster then forms the Pearl around that layer by layer …

Meg Gardiner - Award winning thriller writer. Ask me anything!

Meg Gardiner: Interesting question!  I don't get scared when I'm alone writing thrillers. Because I'm in control of the story. I do try to think about what scares me, because I figure it will scare readers too. Then I write about it in the most vivid, emotionally …

My name is Dr. Toni. I help emerging leaders with decision-making, diversity, team-building, and office personality drama. Ask Me Anything!

Tonisha M. Pinckney PhD, MSCJ, MAFF, CFE: I absolutely love school! I cannot wait to go back. The more I learn, the more I realize I do not know. Every book I read is written by someone who either knows more than me or has a different perspective. That is exciting to me.  I only get bored in…

Just a girl with goals making it happen: Ask Me Anything!

Debbi DiMaggio: Depends on what they are trying to acheive.  I begin with a conversation to gage their level of interest and follow through. Do they question what I say? Do they complain that they don't have time? If so, you'll need to address that first. You need t…

#Acting and still learning. Ask Me Anything!

Nyasha McQuivey: I would like to develop it in film and television mainly, but I wouldn't mind theater.

I'm an independent soul musician in Ireland with a full-time office job, have released one album (almost 500,000 streams on Spotify) and am recording a second. Ask me Anything!

Danny Groenland: Both! I played Irish music as a child, my mother drove me all around the country playing in competitions and things. It was very social (Irish music sessions are by definition) and my friends played too so I loved it. I played tin whistle and later f…
May 21, 2018

Anxious air-traveler? Or just really curious about planes and what to expect during a flight? AMA the Guru of SkyGuru how to make your next flight more calm and interesting!

skyguru: When a person suffers from claustrophobia, essentially they are anxious about having a panic attack while being in an enclosed space. Hence, the recommendations will be similar to how one may deal with panic attacks. It is also strongly advised to se…
May 21, 2018

I’m Dana King. I write a series of police procedural crime novels set in a small Western Pennsylvania town. My other series, about Chicago private investigator Nick Forte, has been nominated for two Shamus Awards by the Private Eye Writers of America. Ask me anything.

DanaKing: Mostly from the news. There are two ways I do it. One is to take an idea that seems tailor-made for one of my series and left it pretty much intact until I decide to spin it off where I want it to go. The harassment that takes place in my newest book…

Hi I'm Lena. I am a German girl living in Tokyo blogging about insider tips for Japan travelers. Ask me Anything!

socialtravelexperiment: Hi Erikocaya, I am not location independent. I am living and working in Japan for 3 years. But I would like to become more location independent in the future.
May 21, 2018

If you want to hear music you've never heard before then listen to Human Behavior EP from FP40 Band #AMA Music

FP40 Band: We bond with music since we were kids because most of our family are musicians too and we studied in music school from childhood. Music is like a spiritual journey of my life.  Thank you.

Ask US anything. Documentary photography husband and wife team focused on the Global Refugee Crisis and humanitarian issues around the world.

Theresa Menders + Daniel Farber Huang: Daniel: Hi, Kathleen. For me, the most important lesson is realizing that everyone can make an impact on a humanitarian situation, either positive or negative, depending on what your objectives are. It's important to never become so apathetic that yo…

AMA Tack Media: How to generate leads for your small business. What are the best channels and what to expect with a small budget.

Tack Media Digital Marketing Agency: The most common mistakes:Social Media channels are all in-cohesive, meaning different logos, different Bio's, missing information, and lack of consistency. They Don't Post Daily (Social media) requires consistency  Don't post branded content, (most …

AMA#Never Give Up On You.

Barke Kamuss: its all about three leged stool,  The right support The right strategy The right Accountability  When the client is from point A and want to be in point B and i come along to guide them on their journey and ensure they get to point B quick and with g…
May 20, 2018

Ask Me Anything! Empowerment is not achieved from external sources. It is achieved through your own enlightenment.

Lisa Alvarez: I am here to answer any questions you may have in regards to your life, your marriage, your relationships, or any area of life you're needing more focus and direction in.
May 20, 2018

Challenged by your product, customer, user and how to visualise product-market fit... AMA about product innovation and commercialisation.

Guy Inbar: Thanks for your question - Ensure you define product metrics which then provides an indication of how the product is travelling.  Ultimate success would be when you have product/market fit.

Hello, pleased to meet you! I’m Jenny Campbell, I’m an artist creating costumes in New Orleans. AMA!

Jenny Campbell: I always think the best way to learn is with an apprenticeship. Either find a costume shop, theater department of a university, or an arts center. Also how to videos online are an excellent source if that’s a way you feel more comfortable learning. T…

If you want to be on radio or TV, I can show you how. Ask me anything.

gaylecarson13@gmail.com: It's the same argument with push vs pull marketing. You need some benefits in what you well not features. So education is part of it, but nothing happens until you close the sale so there has to be some sales incentives as well.
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