May 27, 2018

More Love, More Money AMA!

RobKanzer: My favorite clients are those that "come alive" when we are together.  Their energy level, the light in their eyes, their laughter, their tears - these represent to me that together, we are exploring the most life affirming aspects and the calling of…
May 27, 2018

Is there a benefit to having your books translated in various languages other than your native one? So ask me anything about it.

Mike Sims: I plan to have all my books in a variety of languages in print and audiobook.  I think that is important.

Ask Me Anything about Aging With Freedom and High Wealth, High Health, High Purpose -- the trifecta for a successful Third Act, formerly known as retirement.

AgingWithFreedom: Ask Me Anything about Aging With Freedom to achieve our trifecta of successful retirement: high wealth, high health, high purpose. What got you interested covering retirement? Why do you want to educate others about it? We are planning our own retire…
May 27, 2018

I am a best-selling author on employee loyalty and a podcast host of a leadership show. I love working with organizations to harness the gifts that they have in their employees to craft better cultures. I love what I do and would do it for free if I could. Ask Me Anything.

Hryounger: They focus much more time on external customers, profits and processes and not as much on the employees who drive the business forward and deliver on results. This is why I do the work that I do. I seek to re-connect organizational leaders with their…
May 26, 2018

AMA: Executives, much like many of us, I've experienced burnout and stress. Let's have a conversation.

Michael Levitt: Great question, Skye! The first step I use to help people is set boundaries on how they spend their time.  Use a time tracking sheet to document everything you do, and then look for things that you can remove from your daily routine that are not serv…
May 26, 2018

Ask Me Anything: Stupid Humans Author V. R. Craft Writes Science Fiction and Satire Because Slapping Stupid People is Frowned Upon.

V. R. Craft: That's an interesting question. When writing Stupid Humans, I tried to think about where we are now, and where we will be both socially and technologically in two hundred years. I had to think about everything from spaceflight to medical advancements…

I'm Melissa Krechler and I am a Mindset Coach for men and women who seemingly have the ideal life but are still unhappy. Are you shamed because of your emotions, do you envy the lives of other's, do you not understand your unhappiness? AMA

Melissa Krechler: I believe that in each we are tested. Our determination comes from knowing what we want and that nothing is going to stop us from achieving our goals.  The fine line is what makes you happy. If you keep fighting for something and yet you have lost th…

Ever heard about Cine-books? #AMA

Melisa Ruscsak: It depends I'm with a small publishing house but we're all like family. We support each other to build our fan base. Where big publishing houses have pa's to help with that. then you have the compleate independent author who does everything themselve…

I'm a Career and Personal Development Strategy Coach. As a Career and Life Coach, we help you find your personal roadblocks and find solutions to break out of the box and reach your goals. You can ask me anything about starting and building an online business and marketing.

Davida Shensky: Today's college graduates are savvy techies and are starting by applying online for jobs. Interviews are being done via Skype: The typical process is to be online where candidates are shown a video of a workplace environment and a workplace-based sce…
May 26, 2018

AMA A young EDM producer from Russia, the stage name Yolo.

Yolo: it is very difficult besides working on writing music to distribute it, share it with anyone you can, besides, I chose a name for which I had to defend for a very long time with the same musicians who also called themselves Yolo and to this day I fin…

SMART Goals - How Do You Create Them for Your Business? AMA to learn How!

Matt Lozar: I think it depends on the company. Businesses need to look at the cost. Does it make more financial sense to hire an internal person or an internal team? Does it make more financial sense to outsource? As a company who performs marketing, some of the…

I am the one and only Johnnie Cabbell, music mogul with 20 years and counting in the music industry. I’ve work with the biggest talents in the music business today. My company Global Vision Talent has secured millions of dollars for our clients. Ask me Anything!

Johnnie Cabbell: Hi Zella! Good question and I don’t because a million is normal now these days I get excited when it’s exceeding millions like 2 mil or better but I am proud to know we still hit that million.

A decade and a half of experience owning a successful wedding & portrait photography studio. AMA!

Trig Bundgaard: We have second shooters on some weddings, especially when we're doing both photo and video. They simply shoot. We do all the post editing and processing.

People call me the modern day Robert Greene; Author of "How to Make Someone Obsessed With You" and upcoming: "The Art of Psychoanalysis" - AMA

themanipulativebitch: Somewhere in between!!:)
May 25, 2018

Long term travel with kids: can it be done?? YES! We are a digital nomad family of 3 who have been travelling for over 2 years. Ask us anything.

RTW Families: We are able to balance travel and work fairly well now - probably because after 2 years we understand what our needs are and what our priorities should be. We always find a coworking space for Dan to work from as he finds it much easier to work somew…
May 25, 2018

Working on some new new group and solo..ASK ME ANYTHING

BiGGDeeMo: If i do any songs with samples in it which is rare,i make my own, making beats with samples is far to easy for me so i always like the challenge of originality over sampling,i got some songs coming out this year that will have some samples but the ca…

Jacqueline Auguste - lead singer of Canadian rock band ACROSS THE BOARD- ASK ME ANYTHING about independent music, touring, songwriting, booking gigs, music marketing and branding your band without a big label.

Jacqueline Auguste: Thank you so much for the great questions! Please continue to ask anything and I will return to answer!

AMA Get your business featured on our podcast The Unpopular Voice.

Ann-marie Talley: When a client gets breakthrough after breakthrough and learn they have everything within them to have the life they’ve dreamed off.  And the flexibility I have to lead my life the way I want. 

My name is Shelley Callahan. I am the author of the book The House of Life, the current Director of Development for Children Incorporated, and an advocate for children living in poverty. Ask me anything!

ShelleyBCallahan: Contributions to our organization help up to implement new programs, help us aid families and communities in which we work, and support children in need all over the world. We rely heavily on donations from individual contributors, which makes up alm…

Binge Eating, Emotional Eating, Body Dysmorphia, and Diet Culture...Breaking away from these behaviors, redefining my idea of health, and helping others do the same. AMA!

Meghan Briana: ALthough  I don't at all believe my eating disorder will come back, recovery is very much a 2 steps forward, 1 step back kind of thing. Its a practice, and somewhat of a slow process. I mean..if you think about it..we are healing from a lifetime of c…
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