May 26, 2018

AMA A young EDM producer from Russia, the stage name Yolo.

Yolo: it is very difficult besides working on writing music to distribute it, share it with anyone you can, besides, I chose a name for which I had to defend for a very long time with the same musicians who also called themselves Yolo and to this day I fin…

SMART Goals - How Do You Create Them for Your Business? AMA to learn How!

Matt Lozar: I think it depends on the company. Businesses need to look at the cost. Does it make more financial sense to hire an internal person or an internal team? Does it make more financial sense to outsource? As a company who performs marketing, some of the…

I am the one and only Johnnie Cabbell, music mogul with 20 years and counting in the music industry. I’ve work with the biggest talents in the music business today. My company Global Vision Talent has secured millions of dollars for our clients. Ask me Anything!

Johnnie Cabbell: Hi Zella! Good question and I don’t because a million is normal now these days I get excited when it’s exceeding millions like 2 mil or better but I am proud to know we still hit that million.

A decade and a half of experience owning a successful wedding & portrait photography studio. AMA!

Trig Bundgaard: We typically skip the hair and makeup. We like to cover the actual getting ready for 30-45 minutes. Then it's usually around an hour of group formals with family and wedding party. The ceremonies typically last 30 minutes. Then the "money-maker hour"…

People call me the modern day Robert Greene; Author of "How to Make Someone Obsessed With You" and upcoming: "The Art of Psychoanalysis" - AMA

themanipulativebitch: If you mean e book sales - I've made most of my sales via Amazon. However. Draft2digital was also great in helping me,  as they have published my book thru many book marketplaces.   If you mean for marketing,  I suggest you know where you audience is…
May 25, 2018

Long term travel with kids: can it be done?? YES! We are a digital nomad family of 3 who have been travelling for over 2 years. Ask us anything.

RTW Families: My biggest worry before we left was how I would help Roobs to make friends and socialise, particularly as she is an only child. She's always been a chatty and sociable girl so I didn't want to deprive her of the opportunity to have friends around her…
May 25, 2018

Working on some new new group and solo..ASK ME ANYTHING

BiGGDeeMo: If i do any songs with samples in it which is rare,i make my own, making beats with samples is far to easy for me so i always like the challenge of originality over sampling,i got some songs coming out this year that will have some samples but the ca…

Jacqueline Auguste - lead singer of Canadian rock band ACROSS THE BOARD- ASK ME ANYTHING about independent music, touring, songwriting, booking gigs, music marketing and branding your band without a big label.

Jacqueline Auguste: Thank you so much for the great questions! Please continue to ask anything and I will return to answer!

AMA Get your business featured on our podcast The Unpopular Voice.

Ann-marie Talley: I’ve learned that everyone has a story they want to tell and aren’t looking for unique ways to share it. I also know if I position my requests for interviews with issues that support a buinesses cause, an interview is seen as flattery to them. 

My name is Shelley Callahan. I am the author of the book The House of Life, the current Director of Development for Children Incorporated, and an advocate for children living in poverty. Ask me anything!

ShelleyBCallahan: Contributions to our organization help up to implement new programs, help us aid families and communities in which we work, and support children in need all over the world. We rely heavily on donations from individual contributors, which makes up alm…

Binge Eating, Emotional Eating, Body Dysmorphia, and Diet Culture...Breaking away from these behaviors, redefining my idea of health, and helping others do the same. AMA!

Meghan Briana: I actually touched on this in a live video i did yesterday in my free community!  This one can be a bit difficult because as we get older, our experiences make it difficult to distinguish the difference between what is real and what is actually just …
May 25, 2018

Darryl Whiting, Coach, Fitness Expert, Exercise Specialist and Trainer, Bull by the Horns Fitness, NYC. Ask Me Anything!

Dwhiting: I make it enjoyable by changing my mindset. I like to get better and learn every day so I enjoy challenging myself mentally and physically. To benefit from exercise, you have to enjoy it.

I am former Wall Street Executive turned two time enterprenuer. My recent venture is a platfrom called miramom that helps experienced working professionals (aka moms and dads) to find flexible and quality jobs. Ask me anything about job flexibility, start ups, being a first time mom, career juggling and being a woman boss!

Irina Lunina: Hi- thank you for your question. I am fully dedicated to building miramom platform right now. I do however, spend time evaluating interesting projects in blockchain & cryprocurrencies as they come along, I hope this helps!

Matt Rosenblum, CEO of Advanced Life Coch Marketing, Marketing Consultant/Coach for Life Coaches AMA.

Matt Rosenblum: There are more life coaches now and more businesses in general now over the internet. Simply creating a blog and cross-posting to social media is no longer enough. Life coaches who succeed use sophisticated marketing methods such as niche marketing, …
May 25, 2018

Minimal Techno producer, ask me anything.

G. Teodor: An original production is making a full song, made from your own ideas. From your own creativity. Remixing a song is just interpretating other person's idea.

We are Richard & Yunkai, co-founders of Leap.ai, the first ever completely AI augmented hiring & career companion and Senior ex-Google Engineering Leaders! Ask us Anything!

Richard & Yunkai @Leap.ai: I think for tech industry, UX designer job requirements are pretty much the same. Not much difference in AI industry. More differences in: Stage of company Product is 2B or 2C But before I describe the difference, let me first share what's common. …

Ask us Anything about financial trading from the Professional Traders!

professionaltradersclub: This club was formed by the Dubai Government (DMCC) with stakeholding of 40% in 2007 with an aim of forming the world's largest community of professional traders. 

AMA - Learn to use a homeopathy first aid kit for you and your family

Homeopathy Lady: Yes. The only things that might, but not always, interfere with the action of a homeopathic remedy are anything made from the coffee bean (other caffeine is fine), camphor, menthol, eucalyptus and strong peppermint products. 
May 25, 2018

Ask Me Anything! Do you eat addictively? Recovery is possible!

SandraElia: Great question. I take my life experience, my story of recovery to bring life to theory and facts. Let's stay connected, subscribe to my YouTude channel.

Ask me anything: how do you control fear?

Mike McDonnell: Fear of failure tends to be a term entreprenurs use as their "goto" when coming up with a reason for not doing something; when we go deeper into it theres always something underneath that they simply label as fear or failure. But saying that, it can …
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