AMA about The Rise of #Madibaism.

Jabulani Andrew Nzilane: Poverty is the most pressing issue that affects society globally. There are many factors that can bring about this state of affairs but the most common is mind control. Poverty is a crime against humanity and it is induced by human beings in order to…
May 21, 2018

I'm Mike Sims and I help app entrepreneurs secure investor funding by producing top-quality app business plans and pitch decks. Ask me anything!

Mike Sims: There are many factors that should be considered, and furthermore, different investors will weigh certain factors differently. Here are a few things that should definitely be in place in order to successfully secure investor funding:  1) A validated …

Online Dating ~ What do you need to know? Ask Me Anything

Keridak Silk, MS, CCH: Here is where online dating can be perfect for you.  Almost all of them offer the opportunity to message back and forth within the online site's system You do not have to use your own phone number or email.   Do that and get to know them before you g…

I'm an ADVENTURE JUNKIE and Founder of Adventure Abroad, taking luxury trekking experiences all around the world, from the Himalayas to the European Alps. AMA

tom_allwright: We will grow, slowly! I am always thinking of ways we can expand and grow, however more importantly I have to keep having fun. I would prefer to profit 50% less if it means we are all having fun.

I'm a holistic health coach and wellness advocate. I believe in addressing the cause of health issues through good diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. Ask me anything

Monika Pietrowski: A health coach guides clients to make informed diet and lifestyle choices based on what's right for them. They offer personalised wellness programs designed to help their clients reach their health and fitness goals. They support their clients and mo…

How many countries have you cooked from? I am cooking through every country at and have about 70 countries under my belt. Ask Me Anything!

Evelyne at CulturEatz: Great REYESMISHELYN! If a recipe is well written and you follow it well, it will turn out OK. I need more work on my cake decorating skills. But there is one dessert which took me a while to master and not give up. And that is basically puff pastry w…

AMA - How to exploit the media's insatiable appetite for information to get free publicity for any product, service, company or cause

Michael Hart: I have interviewed everyone from US politicians to captains of industry to sports and entertainment figures. The best interviews are the ones that are passionate and talkative. 
May 21, 2018

What do I need to know when Buying or Selling in Los Angeles, California in 2018? Is it worth Investing in a Home or Investment Property in a Sellers Market in Los Angeles, California. Should I sell my property to cash out? AMA - IEI Realty

IEI Realty: IEIRealty’s current list-to-price ratio as of date is 98%-102% through various sub markets.

Passionate and dedicated Digital Marketing superhero focused exclusively on growing SMEs via AMA.

Akara David: Id say the B2C is my strongest point and my favourite. I have worked with the Education and also health industry. My ideal client base will be the education sector
May 21, 2018

I dropped out of UCLA at 19 years old to pursue a startup that connects tutors & students. With only $800, I bootstrapped the company well into 7 figures in revenue without taking on a single dollar in capital. AMA!

Ryan Neman: Hi Pikomonde,  Our goal is to be the largest educational resource in the world. We plan to provide tons of free lesson plans and practice tests, as well as crash courses for subjects that students are neglected of learning in school. Such as taxes, m…

#AMA - Men, what are the biggest turn offs for you in the beginning stages when dating a woman?

Sonya Michelle Kreizman: It depends on the severity of the mistake. If it's something as crucial as lying from the beginning, then my advice is once a liar, always a liar. Stay away. 

Have you always dreamed of launching your very own apparel brand? We are apparel launch experts. Ask Me Anything.

Launch Your Collection LLC: That is a really good question, but unfortunately, since we are not patent attorneys, we cannot provide an answer for you. If you are specifically trying to launch an apparel brand, we have a FASHION ATTORNEY RESOURCE GUIDE that we sell that could pr…

If classes are boring or unchallenging, how do I become a critical thinker and ultimately a leader of change? Our focus is personal finance, career, college planning and funding, critical thinking, problem-solving, goal setting, team building and communications. AMA regarding these topics.

Lorraine Decker: Let's start with the last question relative to Productive Living. Critical thinking is not necessary for productive living or millions would be in deep trouble. Even as employees, rarely does management require employees to be critical thinkers. And …

We're - The Human Dictionary . We live on a remote Scottish island. We've got no money and no website (yet). Even so, The Financial Times thinks we.. '...could be a fine social and business tool' . Jonathan Margolis 02.05.18 How the hell did that happen? Ask Us Anything :)

Chris Diktionary: Well, everybody really. Anyone who wants to communicate in a far simpler and faster way. We expect millenials will adopt the platform fairly rapidly, as they are naturally more comfortable with new ideas and technology. However, we expect Diktionary.…

I am Sidney Evans - Brand Strategist, Author and Consultant. Ask me anything about building a powerful company or personal brand. I help transform brands and people into #BrandRockstars.

Sidney Evans, MBA: Please clarify the question.
May 21, 2018

ROSI: The Worlds First Digital Gemologist! Ask Me Anything Related to Engagement Rings and Finding the Best Diamond for Your Budget!

RockHer: Hi, Cultured Pearls are exactly that, cultured. The pearls are created in an Oyster Farm under a controlled enviroment. A disturbance substance particle is insterted into the Oysters Mantle, the Oyster then forms the Pearl around that layer by layer …

Meg Gardiner - Award winning thriller writer. Ask me anything!

Meg Gardiner: Good question. For me, beginning the first draft of the novel is always hardest. I have to work to build momentum. I feel like I'm crawling through quicksand sometimes. I struggle to kick the story into high gear. I wander and sometimes feel like I'm…

My name is Dr. Toni. I help emerging leaders with decision-making, diversity, team-building, and office personality drama. Ask Me Anything!

Tonisha M. Pinckney PhD, MSCJ, MAFF, CFE: Hi Kala!  I am not a therapist so I do not utilize any particular tools. I do, however, find art and music to be highly beneficial. I have seen it change young adults by adding focus, disrupting voices, and calming violent moods.

Just a girl with goals making it happen: Ask Me Anything!

Debbi DiMaggio: Depends on what they are trying to acheive.  I begin with a conversation to gage their level of interest and follow through. Do they question what I say? Do they complain that they don't have time? If so, you'll need to address that first. You need t…

#Acting and still learning. Ask Me Anything!

Nyasha McQuivey: Everyone deals with it in their own way, but I deal with the people I surround myself with. Having supportive people really helps me get through most of it all. And I try and be positive as much as I can.
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