Awaken the Traveler Within: A Sneak Peek into This Must-Read Book on Soul –Searching and Self- Realization

Maria L.
Sep 5, 2018

There are always two sides to every person: the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the light and the dark. But you know what else is? The “Seeker of Truth” and its alter ego, “The Fallen One”.

These two might be the least known, and even never-been-heard, duality of man but Tarun Deep Singh, an IT professional who tried his hand in writing, introduces us this concept in his book, The Journey: The Traveler with In. Touching the topics of self-realization, soul-searching, and the underlying barriers that block us from discovering such, this thought-provoking, the critically-written read will surely put you into a train of questions, making you ask yourself, “Who am I?”

Let’s figure it all out together as you take a peek at some of Tarun’s engaging responses below:

QUESTION: Why did you decide you wanted to work with people to help them with self-realization?


All humans are born with a birthright, which is more than basic or primary rights any constitution of a nation provides. And that is spiritual right. No borders, no rules, no government can steal that. Jesus Christ fought for it, Prophet fought for it, Sikh Gurus fought for it against the atrocities forced on them by the current regime. Why? Because to realize spiritual content is more than the equality offered by any civilization ever. So I am just a seeker, who is telling a story via my book what it may feel to be on self-realization journey.

QUESTION: What have you discovered about yourself after becoming an author and what legacy would you like to leave in the world?


I was never a writer. I tried but could not. So I looked at heavens and I received in Tons. Point to be noted I am an engineer, holding masters, studied science throughout now. So my writing is dedicated to Him, My Guru, My Savior, Who the world call, Dhan Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, 10th Sikh Guru. So what I discovered, His Grace, His Presence and His Remembrance. I don't have a legacy, He has. He spent His Life, His Family, His Kin for uplifting others. And I just humbly pray to Him to make me part of His Kin and The Legacy He had. 

QUESTION: How would you describe your writing style? What characterizes it?


I write with passion. Whatever comes to me I just pen them down. The inner world is so enthralling that to describe it focus is never on style. The focus is on words and which can describe it closely, inner is infinite and words are limited.

QUESTION: How can soul-searching be beneficial to someone’s life?


The difference between living human and corpse is an entity which is referred as soul. The soul is an observer to your actions and as per Indian Philosophy, it is believed soul manifest into many living forms until it achieves salvation. Why is it important to do soul searching? The soul is separated from The Source but it is part of The Source. And it is connected to it. So by soul-searching efforts are focussed to find that connection. And once the connection is found The Source, Primal Formless God, is found. All the knowledge, all the virtues, all the peace transcends from The Source.

But to find that connection an individual has to face his fears, his vices, his ego which are eager to tear him apart. It is not easy to sit in silence since noises of mind are more than any cacophony sounds an individual would have heard. So book help to understand what can be experienced and not to give up if you find it difficult to cope up with them. It is important to understand after noises, pains, struggles beyond one’s comprehension lay the horizon where a human can help himself and others to rise above adversaries.

QUESTION:  What were you trying to accomplish with your published works?


I have nothing to accomplish. I am just trying to share what I observed. I cannot accomplish anything alone. It requires to unite individual's will with Will of Primal Formless One God. If I consider myself different from a source I am a victim of duality. Hence, I am just a medium. Whatever comes to me when I grab a pen in my hand is His accomplishment. So, if anyone praises me for whatever is written on the sheet then he/she is mistaken. I am just mortal and all the knowledge, thoughts, actions comes from The Source. It is the very source from which we all are separated after Big Bang! And what journey may offer to the source is mentioned in the book.

QUESTION: How can people discover their purpose in life?


But I will try to answer. The purpose is a very subjective concept at lower states of mind. As it varies from individual to individual. But when an individual start asking right questions like who am I? Then a thirst is awakened to find the purpose. Now, if the individual begins efforts he will see himself as the doer. But deeper he goes the truth will be revealed that he could not be the doer.  Simply because he realizes with only his efforts he could never reach there. And it is pure grace which has led him there. Then he realizes the real truth and he surrenders to The Real Truth. And This Real Truth is The Primal Formless God. Once the connection is made, and the connection requires The Guru, purpose is found. We all seem to have a different purpose but our purpose as human form is to become one with The Formless One. This is very well described by Dhan Shri Guru Arjan Dev Ji, Fifth Sikh Guru in following words:

"This human body has been given to you. This is your chance to meet the Lord of the Universe."

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