Breaking the Internet 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Online Business and Affiliate Marketing

Maria L.
Sep 11, 2018

The Internet is full of opportunities – this is a phrase we don’t just hear, we believe it, and for all the right reasons. With its extensive reach and accessible features, there’s no better place to do your business and marketing than the online world.


Wanna know how? Come with us as we share with you Nikos Than’s insightful words on online business and affiliate marketing, where to start, how to survive, and what to expect as you traverse this venture. Let’s go take a peek:

QUESTION: Do you think a lot of traffic is instrumental in making money online from affiliate marketing?


In my opinion no. Of course, the more traffic your site gets the better but what you really need is targeted traffic. Not just generic traffic. That kind of traffic doesn't convert that good.

On the other hand, targeted traffic can make a big difference. It converts way better. That way with a relatively small amount of daily traffic you'll be making sales on a regular basis. 

QUESTION: Which social media platforms are best for marketing blogs and what are the reasons for your choice?


That depends on your niche. What your blog is about. For example, if your blog is about cooking LinkedIn is not the best choice. Since this is a very visual topic on Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram are much better choices.

So it depends on your content. Some social networks are better for certain niches. 

QUESTION: What are the top three secrets of every successful blogger?


The three secrets are... Wait a minute they are secret. I can't reveal them to you.

I am joking. But seriously I don't believe there are any secrets to creating a successful blog. Although each blogger has its own way of doing things it basically all has to do with your content.

You also need to develop a good promotion strategy, etc. But it's all about content. If your target audience finds your content helpful and useful then they will keep coming back for more. And they will have no problem buying from you because they will trust you.

I believe that's the biggest secret. Creating content that will touch your audience hearts and minds.

QUESTION: How much money and time usually go into making a blog?


Starting a blog is very cheap. All you need basically is a domain name and a host.  You can buy a domain name on average with $10 per year (or less) and hosting for $5-10 per month.

 Creating a successful blog takes time. In my opinion at least a year before you start seeing real progress. It can also happen sooner than that. It depends on your niche and the quality of your content. But roughly I would say a year. 

QUESTION: How often should new content be uploaded to a blog in order to keep the interest of the readers?


Although that depends on your niche and your audience expectations publishing new content 3-4 times per week is considered to be very good.

If you can blog every day is even better. 

QUESTION: What is the importance of video content in today's blogging?


Video marketing is huge right now. And it will continue to grow the next years too.  It's a great way to attract traffic and increase the popularity of your blog.

So, in my opinion, video marketing is something every blogger should think about. 

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