Daily Roundup, 10th September: What's Hot Right Now on Travel Insurance, Improvement Of Health Care, Online Education, Being an Etsy Shop Owner Who Makes Jewelry & Why Now Is The Best Time To Sell Your Old iPhone

Kristina M.
Sep 10, 2018

So you’ve decided you want to travel, and you’re pretty sure it’s going to be for a while (hooray!)? Perhaps you’ve booked your flights already; you may even know where you want to go. But what next? Do you book all your transfers and hotels now? What is travel insurance? How to stay safe when traveling? Yes, planning a trip can be a stressful task. Justin Tysdal, CEO of the Seven Corners, brings more than 25 years of travel industry experience to answer your all questions - from how to choose the best travel insurance to getting the best travel accessories to make your travels easier. Go ahead and ask anything related to travel and tourism right now on the #TravelAMA channel.

Do you have an old iPhone lying around? Well, don’t just look at it dazed and confused, make some money instead! According to analysis, now's the best time to trade in or sell your iPhone. Why now? Apple fans will get their first look at the all-new iPhone on September 12 and the announcement date means one thing for iPhone resale prices: they will be at their highest prior the date of unveiling and if you don't lock in your recycling price on announcement date, you will miss out on a fair amount of cash. So if you're thinking of upgrading, we have something special for you today - join the AMA session with leading mobile phone comparison site Compare and Recycle and get an expert advice on when to sell for the best possible price - exclusively on the #TechAMA channel.


Is online education worth it? What is involved and can be accomplished through online education? If you’re looking for evidence that proves this educational approach’s worth, an experienced online educator, Kelsey Joanne Rogers explains her experience and thoughts on learning online. She has monitored how well students progress with "offline" learning and compared it to online learning- and the results have been fascinating! If you want to go the online route, just simply visit the AMA session with Kelsey, right now on the #MusicAMA Channel.

Taking medication is occasionally frustrating, but ultimately necessary. Thankfully, smartphones can make the experience a little easier. If you’re looking for a FREE app with a medication list and calendar that reminds you to take your medications and tracks your adherence progress, join the AMA session with Simong Greenberg who has been working to help democratize healthcare and give more power and information to consumers of healthcare. His company Medidex provides people with a solution for accessing their personal health information, as well as having a greater connection to their health system. Ask me anything about medication adherence, healthcare consumerism, medical records, or app development/product management. Simong is on the #AppAMA channel right now and he’s more than willing to answer all your questions about medication adherence, healthcare consumerism, medical records, or app development/product management. Go ahead – ask away now!

You’ve dedicated time and effort perfecting your jewelry craft and are now in a position to start selling your hand-crafted jewelry pieces online? Not sure where to start? Good news! You can ask our dear host from Belgium, Renata Feyen, anything about it! From creating that all-important connection with buyers to ensuring your products are found by potential customers, Renata will share with you the story about her journey, what she learned about different techniques and how she got inspired to make her own designs. Don’t waste your time, hop in and ask Renata anything and turn your passion for making jewelry into a thriving online business – right now on the #DesignAMA channel.