Daily Roundups, 11 September 2018: What’s Hot Right Now on Cryptocurrency, Musical Scores, Novels, Plants and Independent Comic Creation

Maria L.
Sep 11, 2018

Think cryptocurrency is too complicated for kids? Think again — we just found a kid-friendly way to understand cryptocurrency and all its twists and turns! With Pigzbe, money transfers within families can finally be borderless, safe, and instant as it teaches children about money in the 21st century, unlocking the potential of globalized families as micro-financing networks. Wanna know more? Simply tune in to the live AMA Session happening today on  #CryptoAMA Channel.

You might remember our next host as he hosted AMA just last April. Saddle up as Chris Hind is now back for more Q’s as this filmmaker, composer, and writer promotes and creates some buzz for his new website, hopefully waiting to meet some new friends and colleagues he can collaborate with along the way. Have a look and have a listen when you check out his live AMA Session happening today on #MovieAMA Channel.

Up for some thrilling, mind-boggling read that’ll push you to the edge of your seat! You definitely shouldn’t miss Shaun A. Kolich’s Perfectly Imperfect series. The first installation of the series revolves around Nataly, a loving father, ex-husband, and hitman who was forced to fight for his family at all costs and ultimately pays the price to protect those he loves. Get your self caught up in Nataly’s journey when you learn more about the novel in the new AMA Session out now #AuthorsAMA Channel.

Meet Luis de Luna, a self-confessed addict… to plants! Inspired by his grandparents’ yard brimming with far more plants than the average household and a couple of books from their collection, became obsessed with all the things that plants can do and ignited in him the love for biology. Get your green thumbs ready when you ask anything in the live AMA Session only on #CasualAMA Channel.


Got questions about the important qualities of comic character creation, storyline direction, and inspiration for pushing forward? Learn from no better than, Justin Darren Macfar independent comic creator! Having been writing stories and drawing for nearly my entire life, he has finally decided to buckle down with his talents to begin creating a comic universe based on my previous ideas. For more about SolvoidIvisions, do visit the live AMA Session exclusively on #ArtistAMA Channel.