Daily Roundups, 12 June 2018: Checking Out New Knowledge on Game Development, 'Unusual' Travel Blogging, House Cleaning, Overcoming Limits, and Humorous Memoir Writing

Maria L.
Jun 12, 2018

Video Games used to be a hard topic to self-start, but with floods of information and resources available in this age of technology, there’s no excuses anymore. Lawrence Mascia even failed every math class he’s ever taken and been thrown out of a physics classroom, but here he is now – doing complex physics, developing games and shipping them regularly to good promotion and good reviews. He’s also spoken at New York Comic Con about game development and has developed most of the Game Design courses in the New Jersey/New York area. Learn how to make your game development dreams happen even with absolutely ZERO resources when you ask anything in Lawrence’s AMA Event only on #GamingAMA Channel.


Helen Foster didn’t name her blog Destination>Differentville for no reason – every quirky, fun, straight up unusual activities she does in her trips puts the “different” in Differentville.  Intended to do slightly bonkers things one would usually never dare to do, Helen been through quite a wild ride in her travels,  eating more insects than she cares to think about, drinking beer on top of a helipad and swimming with tuna fish, often writing sensible travel articles for magazines and publishing over 14  sensible books on nutrition and health. Ask anything about Helen’s travel adventures as you view her AMA Event happening today on #TravelAMA Channel.        


Got mess to clean up, but got no time for that? Let someone do the “dirty” work with Fantastic Cleaners, your one-stop house cleaning expert company in Sydney, of which Eva Bowker is proudly a part of. She currently works as a content writer for the Fantastic Cleaners Blog, with doing research and trials for different cleaning tips and methods. Get to know how to clean different stains from surfaces, floors, organize closets and cabinets, and all things home maintenance as you ask away in Eva’s AMA Event only on #PropertyAMA Channel.


When someone says, “limits only exist in the mind”, they are not actually far from the truth – people have such a natural inbuilt ability to achieve their best and defeat their challenges, many just don't know how to. Dr. Karen Phillip, a counselling psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist, empowers and supports those who want to achieve their very best, working with a variety of people wanting to change their life for the better. Maximize this part of life’s beauty and wonder as you drop by Dr. Karen’s AMA Event for expert advice on the matter exclusively on #CoachingAMA Channel.


Stroke is too much of serious condition that it cannot be a laughing matter, but Kimberly Davis Basso still managed to put in some humor in this life highlight through her memoir I'm a Little Brain Dead, a book focusing on the many hilarious medical adventures she as a young stroke and heart patient. Get to know more about Kimberly’s undeniably fun moments during her stroke in her AMA Event going live today on #AuthorsAMA Channel.