Daily Roundups, 13 September 2018: On the Lookout for the Freshest Updates on Research and Development, Female Orgasm, College Safety, Fashion Blogging, and Book Series

Maria L.
Sep 13, 2018

Scientific research faces a horrible and growing two-prong problem today: funding for research is going down, and the cost of doing research is going up. Garry Cooper sure is very much aware of this, having experienced a surplus of scientific products his colleagues or fellow scientists have no access to. This sparked his cause to make R&D more affordable, sustainable, and collaborative now more than ever, leading him to create build a marketplace where these types of transactions could be more easily made – Rheaply, a resource-sharing platform. Explore more about this marketplace for research organizations when you tune in to the new AMA Session only on #ScienceAMA Channel. Never fake your orgasm ever again as you learn from no one but the best – Xanet Pailet! As a former healthcare lawyer who lived in a sexless marriage, this now fulltime sex & intimacy educator and coach and author of Living an Orgasmic Life has learned how to fully be in pleasure and rid of anything that holds her back, and now she’s off to share expert advice so you can, too! Don’t miss the climax when you ask anything in the new AMA Session only on #SexAMA Channel. Today, nothing is ever safe. With threats coming online and offline such as identity theft, email phishing, social engineering attacks, cyberstalking, cyberbullying, sexual predators, active shooters, campus riots and terrorist attacks going on around, there’s no guarantee that even the school, a “safe haven” for students,  is cleared off of these threats. Now, this is exactly why Pete Canavan wrote his latest book, "The Ultimate Guide to College Safety", a self-defense book which covers every possible threat to your child with information and actions to reduce those threats from becoming reality.  The time to prepare is before the need arises – so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and drop questions in the new AMA Session only on #SchoolAMA Channel. Meet Jeanne, a fashion blogger who will surely share with you the love for outfits, traveling, music, dance and anything connected with art! As art’s jack of all trades, Jeanne can help you with defining your style, looking for fashion inspiration, starting a dance career, taking a dance class and traveling – all you have to do is ask! Want to know more? Simply visit the live AMA Session exclusively on #BloggingAMA Channel. Looking for the next book to put on your list? Why not try Camilo Iribarren’s Conjuring Deception, a gripping book series following the story of the main characters that specialize in a branch of magic tricks, all working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation field office in Seattle, WA.   This is one, must-read series you should never miss, so don’t miss your chance and ask anything today in the live AMA Session out now on #AuthorsAMA Channel.