Daily Roundups, 14 September 2018: What's Up with Film & TV Production, Muslin Fabric, Writing a Book for Business, Walk-In Clinic, and Orgasmic Sex

Maria L.
Sep 14, 2018

Film and TV production is an art-driven field – or so we thought. While art apparently plays an important role in this industry, hard work also is an integral part of succeeding in the scene – this is a lesson Clare Pearce learned the hard way. She was told by people higher than her that producing isn't a job for women but this only spurred her on to prove them wrong. Years later, Clare now makes films and is currently on the works to start her own TV series through her own production company, Lost Eye Films. Inspired? Know more about the full story when you tune in to the new AMA Session only on #ArtistAMA Channel. 

Baby gets fussy sometimes, therefore, comfort needs to be provided to the baby using a suitable blanket for swaddling – this and more would be given to you by Baby Muslin, a soft, breathable fabric used to create bibs and blankets. Guaranteed to provide your baby a light, suitable cover, Baby Muslin is the best pick out there offered for a reasonable price. Nothing comforts your baby better than Baby Muslin – so go check out their products today in the live AMA Session only on #BusinessAMA Channel. 

There are millions of entrepreneurs, but how many are experts? There are obviously just a few, so the best way to make yourself be considered as one is to become an author.  Eric B. Horn, the founder of Eric B. Horn Career & Business Solutions, says being an author will position you as the go-to person in your industry, benefitting your business in more ways than one. Find out how Eric helps entrepreneurs like you create a signature product or experience to gain more visibility, influence, and income for their business when you ask anything in the recent AMA Session live today on #BusinessAMA Channel. 

There are unforeseen incidents that we just can’t prevent from happening, just like accidents. This is exactly why facilities like Woodbridge Walk-In Urgent Care Center exist, ready to assist patients in the most desperate of times. Dedicated to providing an excellent patient experience, medical professionals in the center are trained to provide a wide range of urgent care services to patients of all ages, ranging from first aid to cuts, bruises, burns, fever, flu and flu shots, broken bones, aches and pains, school and sports physicals, work injuries and many more. For more information, just simply drop your questions in the new AMA Session only on #HealthAMA Channel.

Meet Vanessa Marin, your orgasmic sex fairy godmother! As a sex therapist and online sex therapy course creator, Vanessa has helped thousands of women have their very first orgasms, orgasm with a partner, and have more powerful and pleasurable orgasms, alongside creating two online courses that teach women how to orgasm entitled Finishing School: Learn How To Orgasm and Finishing School: Orgasm With A Partner for the last 15 years. Learn your way to orgasm as Vanessa teaches you how in the new AMA Session only on #SexAMA Channel.