Daily Roundups, 15 September 2018: Today's Hottest Picks on New York Fashion Week, Property Rental, iPhone Storage, Ballpoint Pen Drawing, and Writing

Maria L.
Sep 15, 2018

It is every fashion designer’s dream to attend the ever-prestigious New York Fashion Week. As NYFW comes to an end, Tapti Tapan opens her new AMA Session to talk about new trends and where her brand is going, what are her next steps and what she is trying to achieve for her brand and for herself as a Designer/Stylist to give you an idea how to get there. Get to know more about creating unique designs, and sourcing things according to your clients’ taste just by simply sitting down with Tapti for a chat in her new AMA Session only on #DesignAMA Channel.

Looking for some ways to earn more money? Why not try renting a Short-Term or Holiday Property with AirRentalz.com, a space-collaborating platform! When holidaymakers rent your property, they usually want to do a few things while they are there, including going to restaurants and bars, visiting local attractions or undertaking activities such as wine and food tours, diving, hiking, city tours and more. With AirRentalz.com, hosts are allowed to collaborate with these businesses so they can cross-promote each other! Learn more all about their platform when you tune in to the new AMA Session only on #PropertyAMA Channel.


Deleting pictures, videos and files to free up space from your Apple device’s storage can indeed be very frustrating. But don’t sweat it, because we’re bringing you someone who can help you with this longstanding bummer – Asya Karapetyan! As a technical writer about cleaning utilities for macOS and iOS devices, Asya knows all the reasons why your Mac may start working slow, thus helping you how to boost the system's performance and how to recover lost hard drive space. Know the most efficient ways to free up space on your Apple devices and keep them clean from junk files when you ask anything in the live AMA Session only on #TechAMA Channel.


Graphite pencil, paper, paintbrush, acrylic paint – these are what we usually see when one creates a masterpiece. But did you know that an item as mundane as a ballpoint pen can make an equally stunning work?  Watch as Ahmed Ali proves it so by drawing with our favorite writing tool! See more of his amazing works when you drop your questions in the live AMA Session out now on #ArtistAMA Channel.


Sarcasm and bad jokes – these are the fun, quirky qualities Bonsignore Sami has as an author. At first, Sami just stumbled upon this profession by accident, but she grew to love it even more, having learned a lot from the industry, from the writing process down to the problem with the self-publishing scene. Curious? Simply join the new AMA Session on #AuthorsAMA Channel for the latest updates!