Daily Roundups, 29 May 2018: The Buzziest Deets about Indian-Inspired Fashion, Time and Money-Efficient Health Routines, Parenthood and Career Balance, Breaking the Status Quo, and Starting the Fitness Journey

Maria L.
May 29, 2018

We’ve known Indian fashion as bedazzled and intricate yet all-conservative, but two sisters from North Carolina redefines the style through their own of Indian-inspired occasion apparel line, Sani. Together with her sister, who, amazingly, is only a highschooler, Niki Shamdasani run the business together and although it hasn't been long, the sisterly duo experienced many highs and lows of entrepreneurship - adapting to a very different business culture in India, working around school, figuring out how to make ends meet without taking on investment, and navigating the complexities of mixing family with business -but  managed to rise above them all the same. Got questions about starting a business, working in fashion, building a business with family, thinking through how to fund your business, and more? Niki would love to answer them in her newest AMA Event – go check it out in #FoundersAMA Channel today!


One reason why most people abandon their health goals is the fear of wasting time, money, and effort, and that is exactly why Kelly Morgan, Ph.D., a health and fitness professional and motivation expert, created Tsirona, an online health coaching practice offering e-courses, workbooks, and guides – to eliminate such worries. Recovering from anorexia and stress-induced weight changes, Kelly is now on her path to help busy women determine the most efficient and effective ways to reach their health goals without worries. She can help you with questions about fitness/yoga, diets/nutrition, goal-setting, motivation, weight loss, emotional eating, stress management, energy, sleep, and all things health-related as you drop by her buzzing AMA Event only in #HealthAMA Channel.


Honestly speaking, parenthood and career are two things that just don’t mix. Parents, especially the first time ones, often have a hard time adapting to their changed world when baby arrives, putting a need to make a pivot in the career most of the time and compromise career security. As a first time mom experiencing the same situation, Irina Lunina created miramom, a platform that helps experienced working professionals who are parents to find a flexible job using intelligent matching system, aiding them to juggle career and parenthood all at the same time. AMA about job flexibility, startups, being a first time mom, career juggling and being a woman boss in her new AMA Event only in #StartupAMA Channel.


Tired of blindly following what the status quo tells you to do, but clueless and frightened of how to step out of the norm? Kris Deminick’s tremendous life transformation story will surely get you on your feet as this adventurer, explorer and agent of change helps the tomboys, rebels, misfits, non-conformists, and creatives leave the unfulfilling path they no longer love. Realizing that she and the 9 to 5 job setup just don’t get along, she chose a pay cut and quit her job and traded it for being herself, becoming a mindset and play coach. Join her in her live AMA Event in #CoachingAMA  Channel for more about Kris’ life-changing move. 

Start your individual wellness journey today with Andrea Levine, a wellness coach and fitness instructor with personal experience and tools to help others achieve their healthiest selves through gradual, sustainable behavior changes. Through gradual changes in her fitness regimen, diet, and stress-management techniques, Andrea become her healthiest self, helping her develop the confidence to leave her legal career to pursue wellness coaching and fitness instruction, committed to helping individuals identify their own vision of wellness and path to success.  Ready to begin your wellness journey?  Ask Andrea how to do it right as you visit her AMA Event today only on #HealthAMA Channel.