Daily Roundups, 6 June 2018: Catching Up on the Latest about Supporting Nonprofits, Luxury Travel Blogging, Crime Scene Cleanups, Food & Travel Blogging, and Gameboy Advance Games

Maria L.
Jun 6, 2018

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? – a short question, but definitely thought-provoking. This simple slogan has driven Jon Biedermann’s passion in pursuing his business endeavors since he was 12 up until founding DonorPerfect Online, the peak of this dream of a lifetime where he helps nonprofits locally and globally raise money to fulfill their missions. Throughout his career, Jon has saved an 8-story Kids Castle, built Baseball lights, and run basketball leagues, all because of the simple formula he lives by in every fundraising journey. Learn about nonprofits, fundraising, tech startups, entrepreneurship, travel as Jon is here to help through his AMA Event live on #NonprofitAMA Channel.


The Copenhagen Traveler was launched 4 years ago as an outlet of Regitse Cecillie Rosenvinge’s travel dreams and stories, and it has never stopped since. Living in 4 different countries, Regitse have seen and blogged about the best, earning her blog the title as one of the world's leading luxury travel blogs in 2016 which gave way to partnership with some of the world's leading brands within travel and tourism together with a freelance-team working with her. Her extensive experience within the world of marketing, PR, blogging and communication also led her to found a new business creating content for hotels and become a soon-to-be published author of a book on freelancing for women. Find out why being a fulltime freelancer is Regitse’s best decision ever made as you join her for a chat in her AMA Event. only on #BusinessAMA Channel.


Traveling is always better with a mouthwatering encounter with the local cuisine — this is what Paul Moore does fulltime as a blogger with a passion for food and travel, and now he's here to tell us all about it. Originally from the US, Paul has spent the better half of his life living abroad and traveling often, visiting Japan, UK, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Niger, and Thailand through all those years. All these food and travel fun are blogged on Chow Traveller, but you can ask for more when you join the fun AMA Event happening right now on #BloggingAMA Channel


Crime scenes are a lot of mess to deal with, but luckily, Bio-One is here to do the cleanup everyone else is too frightened to do. Bio-One is the leader in the crime scene cleanup industry, helping people in their greatest time of need and getting their home back in order after all the horrific and rather traumatic things that happened prior. Living by their business motto: "Help First, Business Second", Bio-One really does a great job in educating and inspiring the public.  Go ahaead and ask them anything you need to know about crime scene cleanups in their AMA Event featured in #BusinessAMA Channel today. 

Let the good ol' times roll as David Podobnik  brings you back to the early 2000's with the era's most loved console — Gameboy Advance!  Truly, this world-famous handhelf console is a classic which is why even in the year 2018, its games are just as enjoyable as they are 18 years ago! Enjoy a fun AMA session with David as his Event goes live today only on #GamingAMA Channel