Daily Roundups, 6 September 2018: Everything You Need to Know about Scottish Kilt, Team Building, Recipe Blog, Corporate Social Impact and Emotional Aspect of Creating Art

Maria L.
Sep 6, 2018

Whoever said skirts are only for girls probably haven’t seen a Scottish Kilt before. Scottish Kilt Shop brings these kilts back in fashion by offering a variety of Tartan Kilts, giving you traditional, hybrid, premium, and modern styles to choose from! With each kilt made exactly per given measurements, you’ll surely find one that’s a perfect fit for you! Order your kilt in length you prefer and tartan of your choice today when you know the full details on the live AMA Session happening now on #CEOAMA Channel.


Are you happy with the choices you make when it comes to building and refining your teams? Team building does not just happen all on its own – it has an algorithm you can learn from Hamid Safaei, an executive mentor and the author of multiple books including the bestseller First-Class Leadership: How Highly Effective Teams Can Achieve Breakthrough Results. Ask him what matters most when it comes to attracting, developing and retaining your talent. Start building your highly effective team today when you ask him anything today in his new AMA Session happening now on #CEOAMA Channel.

Need ideas for delicious meals and desserts? The Sweet Teaspoon came up with fun and fresh recipes so you don't have to!  With this sweet, little recipe blog, they show people that cooking doesn't have to be hard –you don't have to search tirelessly for new recipes because they have you covered, from recipes for each meal of the day down to the seasonal favorites, making cooking easy for the everyday family. Check them out in their AMA Session happening right now on #CookingAMA Channel. 

Curious about the best practices in corporate social impact? Whether you’re a business professional or a nonprofit professional interested in taking your corporate social impact activities and corporate partnerships to the next level, David Hessekiel can help you step up your game in the corporate world. As the President and Founder of Engage for Good, David and his company help business and nonprofit achieve mutually beneficial corporate social impact partnerships through education and training. Got questions on anything corporate social impact including current trends, employee engagement, the point of sale fundraising, consumer engagement, and more? It’s best to sit down for a chat with David to have them all answered – go check out the live AMA Session live now on #BusinessAMA Channel. 

It’s not only the skill and talent that grows with an artist – the emotional aspect does, too. Alexander Bonk is a 19-year old self-taught artist from Germany, specializing in painting digital portraits as a form of self-expression. Since his childhood, Alexander always felt the need to express his emotions by making stuff which often takes form in playing Legos and building all kinds of crazy creatures and machines, marking the beginning of his journey as an artist. This journey taught him that being an artist is highly emotional, so if you need to know about the emotional aspect of creating art and/or growing as an artist, do drop him a question today in his new AMA Session going live today on #ArtistAMA Channel.