Daily Roundups, 7 September 2018: All the Must-Check-Out Sessions on Revolutionizing Beer, College Application, Digital Design and Development, Art and English Language, and Divorce

Maria L.
Sep 7, 2018

Tired of your ordinary-tasting beer? With Fizzics, your beer will never be the same as they make the beer you buy from the store magically taste, smell and feel more like draft -- without any chemicals or CO2! Their Fizzics Original and Waytap, the two portable devices that use sound to improve regular beer, work like magic as they transform your boring beer into a draft-like drink, regardless whether it’s on bottles, cans and even growlers! Watch how FIzzics revolutionizes the way people drink and enjoy beer through their live AMA Session happening now on #TechAMA Channel. Getting into your dream university can be a lot of hard work, that’s for sure. As University Faculty and College Essay Expert, Josie Urbistondo knows this struggle which is this author of Write Your Acceptance would share tips and tricks on what you need to say and what to avoid on your college application so you maximize your opportunity through excellent strategy, content, and delivery. Get to know more about acing your college entrance essays and supplements when you tune in to the live AMA Session happening today on #UniAMA Channel. Looking forward to upgrading your digital design and development? Meet Hounder, an award-winning digital design, and development company from Redlands that would be the perfect fit for you and your company! Founded by Josh Northcott, Hounder is a fresh take on a digital design and development company that works on only 2 to 3 projects at a time - giving their partners and the project the time and focus it deserves while creating exciting web and product experiences for new startups and established enterprise companies like Adobe, Esri, UL, and Random House.  Learn more about their company and what they can do for yours in the new AMA Session only on #CEOAMA Channel.Divorce is a nasty business that plays cruel games with emotions, perspective, and confidence – but it is not the end. Heidi Lynn says you are not responsible for the choices of other people, which is why as a Divorce Recovery Coach and founder of Harnessing Life, she will give us some of the important truths on divorce and the life after that, and how one can be unbelievably successful after a devastating divorce. Want to know how? Simply AMA away in Heidi’s AMA Session out now on #CoachingAMA Channel for more!Interested in the art of comics and the English language? Sonya Kinsey can give you both in full details! Having intensive experience in studying art for about 20 years and teaching English in South Korea, Sonya was led to develop an interest in English language varieties around the world, and is now completing a PhD in English linguistics in Germany alongside drawing and studying human and animal anatomy, completing comic projects going out in a short while! Know more about her craft when you tune in to the live AMA Session exclusively on #ArtistAMA Channel.