Daily Roundups, 8 September 2018: Finding Out What's New on Events Industry, Traveling, Rohingya Refugee Crisis, and Writing as a Therapy

Maria L.
Sep 8, 2018

Looking for the perfect place to host your event? Chillspace UK can bring you exactly that, and many other things. Founded through a passion for the Events Industry, this Step by Step Event Design and Production house takes pride in their team of innovative people whose objective is to deliver outstanding events, whatever shape or size, for exceptional value, ready to bring creativity, attention to detail, visionary design eye and determination to any event. Whether you are looking to create a funky ice cave, chillout Moroccan lounge, contemporary nightclub, elegant black tie event or a product launch our team of designers, Chillspace UK is your best bet — go tune in to their live AMA Session happening now on #PartyAMA Channel. 

Amar is happier when he travels, and now he’s here to make you, too!  He is a travel blogger based out of London who runs the blog site The Traveller, sharing all his travels aimed at mid to luxury holidays together with family. Read all about their adventure from across the globe when you tune in to the new AMA Session live now on #TravelAMA Channel. Friendship is a non-profit organization It’s been a year since the beginning of Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh, following what the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights called a “textbook example” of ethnic cleansing, and the people are anything but recovered. With this large number of refugees at hand, non-profit organization Friendship decided to take action in nurturing opportunity, dignity, and hope in vulnerable communities in Bangladesh. If you want to read more about the full story, simply visit the new AMA Session today only on #CrowdfundingAMA Channel. If Jonathan Crane would be asked to describe writing, he would definitely define it as cathartic; it’s the abstract thinking that creates something out of nothing and the meditation, organization of thoughts, and the ability to convey words poetically. Once chronically depressed, he found a home in writing as it not only cured himself of his depression but gave him a purpose, pursuing a passion that is both fulfilling and fun. Get to know more about how writing became the cure for Jonathan in the live AMA Session exclusively on #AuthorsAMA Channel.