Daily Roundups, 9 September 2018: Keeping You Posted on What's New about 3D Car Composition, Good Food & Good Times, Travel, Independent Digital Art Freelancing, and Writing Techniques

Maria L.
Sep 9, 2018

If you’re a fan of the Fast and the Furious movies, then you’ll surely love Rudraksh Jain’s field of work as it screams all things cars! Rudraksh works as a 3D Realist, creating realistic 3D cars composition, specifically CGI Lamborghini, for live action, game environment, short films, perspective visualization, storyboarding, movie teasers, logo designing, motion graphics, visual effects, graphics designing, sound editing, and photo manipulation. Get to know all the fields of animation and designing when you tune in to the live AMA Session happening today on #DesignAMA Channel. Nothing brings families and friends back around the table better than good food and good times, creating a happy bubble to taste and talk, create memories seasoned with love. With Michele’s Table, all of this will be made possible as she cooks, bakes, serves, stores, reheats, mixes, and entertains on stoneware that goes from oven to table to freezer to microwave. It's dishwasher-safe, scratch resistant, keeping cold things cooler and hot things warmer for longer than glass or metal cookware — all elegant enough to simply display. Gather round the table today when you ask anything in the new AMA Session happening today on #CookingAMA Channel. She’s female, she’s Asian-American, she’s a true blue traveler — Dia Jin is the wanderlust icon who’ll inspire you to get up, pack your things, and just go wherever the wind takes you! Having bought a one-way ticket about a year ago, Dia never looked back ever since and left her home, Los Angeles, for more adventures. Up for the same lifestyle? Ask Dia how to in her live AMA Session out now on Channel. 

5 months ago, Ahmed Janahi had absolutely no experience in the digital realm and decided to download a free software. Today, he works as an independent freelance digital artist, giving up traditional methods of art for digital and 3D art. Want to know what comes with the 5-month journey into becoming a freelance digital artist? Come sit down for a chat in Ahmed’s AMA Session live now on #ArtistAMA Channel. Aside from her page-turning novels, KT Bowes is also known for her reputation as a “pantser”, sitting down to write and listening to the characters to see where they go next. It's a different way of writing from those who sit with endless charts and plans and know the ending before they begin, hearing “voices” of the different characters as a guiding factor. Now in her AMA Session, KT will show how the method works for her and how it can for you, too when you join the live AMA Session today on #AuthorsAMA Channel — don’t miss your chance!