Educate me on practical application of some Ironman rules

Jul 15, 2018
In August, I'm going to cover the bike leg for a relay team at Ironman Tallinn. Since I've been a road biker all my sporting life, this is going to be my first Ironman-type-of-event participation ever, albeit a partial one (so let's call it just a 180km TT :) ). Looking around the official Ironman site, I did not find event specific rulebook, although, as far as I understand, there should be one? Anyway, then I went to study the "generic" Ironman rules, but some questions still remain unanswered, at least for me.

My main question is (obviously, associated with more-aero), are long sleeve (here I mean - sleeves extending up to wrists) speedsuits allowed, provided this is a wetsuit legal race? The generic rulebook doesn't specifically ban them? But, if the race is not wetsuit legal, then it looks like speedsuits are banned due to clothing limits imposed on the swimming leg?

How about aero-improving calf guards, like Tripsockz and similar?

What I also found quite weird, is that online information seems to be quite limited, course maps are available, but without any marked points for penalty tents, feeding zones etc. So this means that more detailed information will be available basically on pre-race day only by obtaining athlete starter pack? Is this normal for Ironman events?

Need more watts.

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