How to grow your business with Instagram?

Guest Contributor
Jun 30, 2018

As a performance marketing agency, we’ve helped our clients grow revenues dramatically through paid advertising on Instagram. Here are several tactics that you can apply to your own business.

First, focus on cadence. Click through rate typically performs better when assets are rotated on a three week basis, if not more frequently. Assets perform better when they are warmed up with engagement, i.e., likes, comments & shares, prior to utilizing for driving sales. A wide breadth of diverse imagery is essential to effectively test and utilize for the unique segmentation of targeting. Second, think beyond the newsfeed. Instagram is much more than just the newsfeed. Most companies only want to show ads there. They're romantic about the idea of branding in such premium spots. But you pay a lot of money for that, and there are other avenues worth pursuing. They might be as sexy, but they convert. Finally, measure what matters. One mistake about analytics is focusing on metrics that don’t matter. Engagement is the prime example. It's important, but it’s not how Instagram should be valued. That platform should be seen as an acquisition channel and revenue driver. If marketers and brands talk about success as a function of engagement, they’re missing out on what Instagram has evolved to be, which is a strong growth channel.

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