I am an autistic Engineer with tattoos who claims to have cured himself 90% of autism using MDMA and guidance under a dating coach. AMA

Apr 14, 2017

After discovering my 'austism' (aspergers or highly functioning austim under the old DSM), I went through a period of self discovery. After having been through the basic therapy of discovering what it means and how it works, I started learning the 'art of pickup' or 'dating' if you will from perhaps one of the only or at least very few really good dating coaches on the planet. Combine that with several intense MDMA experiences and after about 2 years, I no longer find myself to have any social problems. In fact, I have had several moments where 'something snapped' and I felt like a door opened and I could see how normal people work socially.

Caveat: This is not verified by professionals.

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