I have autism and know things about North Korea, AMA: Praise Be Justin Trudeau!

Jul 19, 2017

Please ask, have no fear! https://youtu.be/jU8c-vprlnY This is the poorest village in north korea, they eat 200 more than natives in canada, 500 more than indians in india, even under famine preparation.

The government of Switzerland tells us that the average caloric intake of a DPRK(north korean) resident of chinese descent not associated with the DPRK government has a higher caloric intake than an aboriginal/native/indian canadian. Switzerland concluded that the average caloric intake of a chinese villager in DPRK was 2800 in 2016 under the renewed Juche efforts, transversely Toma Hunter concluded that "native canadian participants consumed an average caloric intake of 2079." In the same investigation done by switzerland on world poverty, they also compared Blacks and Latino's(3 different categories/demographics of the latino categorization) and concluded that "though the african americans and other ethnic groups consumed more fried food, they often only consumed two meals, meaning that they are often times well under 1800 calories in a day," the same study further went on to say that "in these conditions their health was further deteriorated by an outdated system of water delivery which contained toxic chemicals often not found in other communities in the USA including lead, mercury, and sulfur-compounds."

Though this number has dropped to 2300 after a call for a march of loyalty in preparations for an "arduous march," which America is causing. http://nunavutfoodprice.tumblr.com/ http://time.com/4274666/arduous-march-north-korea-famine/

Long live the Juche Idea, and praise be our revolutionary leader Justin Trudeau!

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I also have some fake news sources:



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