I somehow made it into the Air Force with no legal documents verifying my American citizenship (except an expired passport) and now everyone thinks I am a North Korean spy. AMA

Jan 16, 2018

My recruiter, second recruiter, and MEPS didn't say anything about my legal documents (or lack of) and got in deep trouble for letting me in (and by some stupid luck I made it all the way to tech school). I was passed around like a football from liaisons and personnel back and forth, didn't have a job/order until the last couple days of Airman's Week, and was shipped off to tech school last minute only to be pulled out of class right before starting.

I don't have my birth certificate (born abroad to american parents), born in S Korea (which I found out right before entering basic training), and my passport was expired for 4 years. Now everyone probably thinks I am some North Korean spy (one liaison even called me a terrorist and got in trouble for racism) even though my granddad came to the US and raised my dad here and we're all American (my mom married my dad and got citizenship before I was born). Also, it's retarded that they think I am a N Korean spy when that country can't even feed their own people lol how are they gonna afford a spy and why would they send that spy to basic training in TEXAS

Now I am stuck on base pretty much doing janitor work (cleaning) for the next month or two and they keep asking me if I am sure that I am a US citizen, when I was "naturalized", where my greencard/visa/whatever is, despite me already having a US citizen passport (tho expired) and being born to American parents and grandparents. Nobody would be asking me this shit if I was a white kid born in Europe to American parents and looking to renew his passport or find his birth certificate.

Oh on top of that all, I don't talk to my family anymore either, so it's not like they can help me with my documents.

AMA, like seriously, anything. I am bored and insulted and irritated as hell right now.

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