AMA Rank

What is AMA Rank?

The AMA Rank is a reward points system to indicate the value a member of the community has based on their contributions to it.

Your AMA Rank can be seen on your profile, just under your profile image and name. See an example here:

AMA Rank Nir Eyal

It is a very good metric to give you an idea of how valuable and appreciated by the community a member of AMAfeed is compared to others. We also occasionally have special offers and benefits for members above certain AMA Rank. You should follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with those or/and make sure you have your notifications on to receive emails from us.


How can I earn AMA Rank?

You can earn points by being active in the community. Different activities give you different number of AMA points that all add up to your AMA Rank. Every time you post an AMA, ask/answer a question, someone upvotes a comment or post you made - your AMA Rank goes up. You can see a complete list of the activities further down. Those also give you AMA Tokens that you can spend to promote your AMA.

Action AMA Rank AMA Tokens
Fill in your AMAfeed profile +25 +15
Receive an upvote for a post +10 +1
Receive an upvote for a comment +5 +1
Post an AMA +1 +5
Request an AMA +1 +5
Post a comment +1 +1
Reply to a question +1 +1
Upvote a comment +1 +1
Upvote a post +1 +1
Mention your AMA in a blog/site +1 +25
Include your AMA in your newsletter +1 +20
Share your AMA on social media +1 +10

On our Community page (coming soon) you can see the members of AMAfeed ordered by their AMA Rank.


What other benefits does AMA Rank give me?

Besides being an indicator of your value to the community and making your profile (and so your AMAs) more visible on AMAfeed, your AMA Rank gives you a different status that is visible to other AMAfeed members and is rewarded with AMA Tokens credited to your account.


AMA Rank of 500+ = Gold Member

Gold Member status is displayed on the site with a yellow star next to your name and gives you 100 AMA Tokens.

AMA Gold Rank


AMA Rank of 2000+ = Diamond Member

Diamond Member status is displayed on the site with an orange star next to your name and gives you 250 AMA Tokens.

Diamond AMA Rank


AMA Rank of 5000+ = Platinum Member

Platinum Member status is displayed on the site with an orange star next to your name and gives you 500 AMA Tokens.

AMA Platinum Rank


If you have any questions about your AMA Rank please feel free to contact us.