IAm Babs O, Voice of Serrano in Max Payne III and Costar of the movie Ponies. AMA

Jul 20, 2012

Hi Reddit,

I'm Babs Olusanmokun (imdb ), voice and likeness of Serrano in Max Payne III. I'm also currently co-starring with John Ventimiglia, Kevin Corrigan, and Tonye Patano in the movie Ponies ( NY Times Critics' Pick ), now showing in a limited run in NYC until 7/26.

You may have seen me on Veronica Mars, Blue Bloods, and Law and Order. On L&O, I've been shot and stabbed by DVD pirates, found a baby in my taxi, and, most noteworthy, assassinated the CI chief (Eric Bogosian).

I am also a decorated Brazilian jiu-jitsu Black belt with Team Alliance.

Picture: imgur

Edit: Thanks for the great questions! I'll check in over the weekend to post more answers. Hopefully the posting issues are resolved. Maybe we can try again soon. If you can't get a showing to TDKR and you are in the NYC metro area, please come support Ponies.

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