I'm an indie comic writer trying to self publish my own comic series ama!

Jul 24, 2018

Hello reddit, I am currently in the process of crowd funding my own comic series! The comic is called The Tale of Anna! It's a limited six issue run comic series! So let's hear your questions!

 Short summary of the comic. 

The year is 1870, five years after the American Civil war has ended. The United States has remained a wasteland. Law and order have yet to be restored. This tale follows retired bounty hunter James Rooker. A man cursed to see the spirits of the damn. His path collides with the path of the new born child Anna. A child who has been claimed to be the one to bring order to the west. Her future rests in the hands of James Rooker.

Anna issue #1 will contain 24 pages, this series will be a six issue run!

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