I'm likely going to kill myself, because I believe there is no point in life if your not financially independent AMA

Aug 8, 2018

Just as the title says.

24M I don't think there is any point in life if you are not wealthy/financially independent.

Wealth makes life infinitely better in pretty much all aspects, however unless you are born into wealth or are just generally extremely lucky you are stuck in the wage-slavery grind for life, its generally not worth it in my eyes for the "luxury of being alive", I am currently nearly out of money and homelessness looms, it still doesn't feel as bad as the monotony of full time work.

To answer the questions/responses that are going to come up.

  1. Suicide is not cowardly or selfish in my eyes, as life is imposed on you, so death should be optional.
  2. I have family and a girlfriend, it still is not worth it.
  3. I have tried on my own to leave the grind through my own businesses and attempted passive incomes, the only thing it taught me is hard work does not pay off or equal wealth.
  4. Just because you know someone that "started from the bottom" and is now wealthy is not really applicable to the millions more that do not.

Ask away.

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