Introducing AMA Vibe

Tatiana Bonneau
Jun 6, 2018

We all like to think we are in control - we choose what to watch, to buy, where to go, who to spend time with. But in reality a lot of our so called choices a preconditioned and heavily influenced by our own personal story, experience and environment. That has its upsides - life would be pretty messy if you had to think really hard what toothpaste to pick every time you have to brush your teeth or wonder what is your favourite colour on daily bases. But it also has its downsides - we all change. Or at least that’s the idea. We always strive to be better, to grow, to develop. The « you » of tomorrow should be better than the « you » of yesterday. Here is where surrounding yourself with pre-made choices can play a nasty trick.

Most algorithms nowadays, whether it is for a search engine or a social network, work based on suggested content. You are being showed what you are assumed to want to see based on what you were enjoying yesterday and/or what others clicked/liked/shared. This makes it very easy to fall into a trap of content you didn’t intend to « consume » and before you realise it you have spent hours and are sitting there wondering what on Earth happened with time? 

We are all human. Like one of our great Hosts Nir Eyal says « If you don't plan your day, someone else will ». That same rule applies to your time online. When was the last time you said to yourself « I will go and spend 40 minutes watching videos of babies trying lemon for the first time ». Let me guess - never. When was the last time you did it though? …I know, me too. 

We have been building up some amazing content over the past nearly 2 years. And I can not lie - it is addictive. I find myself reading question and answers, clicking through AMAs at crazy hours of the morning thinking « last one, just one more…OMG! Pet adoption AMA oh look at those cute dogs! » boom another hour gone. So we thought how can we solve that? How can we put control back in your hands and let you choose how you want to spend your time. 

We came up with a very simple solution and called it AMA Vibe. Each AMA you come across gives you something, makes you feel in a certain way. Did it teach you something? Did it make you feel happy? Or sad? Did it help you in any way? Or was it asking for help? With one click you will be part of us building a community of knowledge with purpose where it is you, the user, who decides what to spend their time on. Once we all start using the AMA Vibe feature you will no longer be at the mercy of suggested content or have to spend time looking for what you need and being hoodwinked into distractions whilst you are trying to find it. 

So here is how it works.

Under each AMA you are given a list of options to choose from in answer to the question « What is the Vibe of this AMA? ». You can have multiple choices for each AMA. 

Here are the options explained:


This is for AMAs that are light and easy to read, discussing all sort of topics, something you can participate in when you want to relax, not think about things that are too serious or require concentrated attention.


Self-descriptive, anything work and business related.


AMAs that are on edgy topics, maybe you find it agressive, graphic, uncomfortable or heavy. Please note that for anything illegal or offensive, openly attacking users or group of people you should use the report button or notify our moderators.


AMAs where the Host is looking for cooperation on a project, partners for a new idea or venture or just connecting on the bases of a joint interest.


Of course we can’t do without love! Relationships, dating, looking for and sharing love, anything you read and a heart pops up in your head - this is the place for it.


If the AMA brought a smile to your face (or a tear of joy!) be sure to click the happy button and let others enjoy it too!


For AMAs that are looking for or offering help - it can be a personal story or a project.


If you have learnt something from an AMA, it is focused on sharing experience and knowledge on a particular topic.


For when the main point of the AMA is to spread the word about a service, idea, product.


Well, we’d rather not have sad AMAs but this is life and life has its ups and downs and as the saying goes "a problem shared is a problem halved".

You can select the type of AMAs you want to see by selecting the relevant icon on the front page of the main site or each AMA channel.

We are confident that together we can make our community even greater and more useful to everyone and we are very grateful for your continual support and engagement. Have fun using this new feature, there are many more to come:)