Ask Me Anything How to start a new blog

Ankit Prasad: Yes,it is essential for increasing readership. If your ranking is not good then you will not get much traffic and thereby your articles would not reach to more people. Ranking also helps in building up authority so as to make people believe that you …
Sep 22, 2018

You're a budding artist too? Well, hop on this AMA!

Yunke Chuah: Yes and no. I haven't worked in many collaborations, because I don't find many people whose style could work with my drawing or coloring style. Also, I don't think of collaborating very often, I focus more on my own overall skillset. Or maybe I'm jus…

Comicbook Illustrator sharing insights and experiences. From tools to tips on drawing and more! Ask Me Anything!

Marc F. Huizinga: To answer your first question: I'd say very frequently. It's important to keep striving for improvement, and to a certain degree personal satisfaction. The most interesting work I've done is work that includes many extreme angles because I'm a sucker…

[AMA] Airmid solutions | Marc Resasco

Marc Resasco: No. Its not like that. I help every one who in need but I am more helpful towordes elderly because elder need more care. 
May 17, 2018

AMA with Nir Eyal on How to build habit-forming products and fight distractions

Nir Eyal: Addiction and habit-formation are not the same things. Addictions are always bad why habits can be helpful.
Aug 30, 2018

Ask Me Anything About Spirituality as a Pathway Out of Drug Addiction and Mental Illness

edkressy: Hi Stephanie, thanks for your Ask. For myself, the role of nutrition and healthy eating is/was very important. After I got clean, I had to overcome obsessions with food, with my weight and body image. Probably these obsessions were lurking within me …

AMA Secrets of the Stock Market - Tactics and Tools the Big Guys Use to Get Killer Returns

Jacob Gabbard: Plain and simple.  Create an honest budget.  Find out where every penny is going and you will completely understand where you can cut costs, increase savings and maximize your financial power.

AMA: Big Bad Horror B*%ches: Horror author Kira McKinney ready to talk being a woman writing in a man's genre

Kira McKinney: Early on, with Whispers Down the Hall, I did my own cover without knowing much about cover design. Same with the Kindle formatting for that book. I have grown a lot since that release in 2016. I don't regret any of my mistakes. I think every mistake …

I'm the Director of People & Culture at Pacific Digital Agency, ask me anything! I think my former SEO managers would be bummed to read that it was very easy for me to leave the client work behind. To be fair we had just hired an exceptionally talented manager (shout out to Hussein!) so I knew everything was in great hands. At th…

This blog serves to capture the human experience in all of its grandeur or lack thereof. It focuses on life experiences, stress, our internal makeup and our reactions. We look at all these and figure out how they are connected. Hope Y'all enjoy and please Ask Me Anything!

Cody Gauthier: I chuckled when you said symptoms.  I guess you could call them that.  At the end of the day, it's an adjustment and with all adjustments we have to try our best to be comfortable in discomfort and that takes time and practice.  I use self compassion…
Sep 23, 2018

AMA about Planning a Trip to Sri Lanka

TeamYD: Hi Maryachurra! The vaccines are not compulsory, but we were recommended by our GP to have Typhoid and Hepatitis-A vaccines before travelling. If you're travelling more to the deeper areas of Sri Lanka, then you might require some other vaccines. Ple…

Let Wholly Nerium help you Look Better, Feel Better, and Live Better. I am Lashawna Bryant of Wholly Nerium and I offer exclusive all natural anti-aging skincare and wellness products. #Ask Me Anything!

Lashawna Bryant: Thank you for your questions! I will continue to answer them as they're received.

Ask Me Anything about Mr Shipman's Kindergarten Chronicles: the First Day of School. You can also ask me about education my podcast, blog and book publishing. Come to find out about The New Classic. Mr Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles is a wonderful new series of children’s books about that delightful first year of school, kindergarten!

My name is Matthew Edgar. I'm a consultant who helps companies big and small with Technical SEO. Ask Me Anything!

Matthew Edgar: SEO will still be important. At its core, SEO is about making sure a company's website shows up when people search for something related to that website. That need to show up isn't going to change. What will change are the devices we use to conduct t…
Sep 6, 2018

An AMA about anything and everything Music!

Dick Johnson: Absolutely, sometimes its piano or strings or whatever the artist needs. That they can't play and needs a real sound instead of a manufactured one.
Sep 10, 2018

Jewelry Maker Designer and owner of BeadworkSeadbeady on Etsy - You can ask me anything about being an Etsy shop owner or making jewelry

Renata Feyen: Beside the material cost you have the cost of for instance a subscription to a magazine for patterns or buying loose patterns - and you should also take in account the time spent making your items. And the shipping costs off course. There could also …
Sep 21, 2018

I resigned from my job to write contemporary erotic romance every day. Am I the definition of madness? Or am I the definition of sane for following my dream? Ask me anything and I'll try my best to answer!

Lia Peele: Hello Vikas Girl Thanks for your question. I'm a lifelong reader and read so many books. Pre-Fifty Shades of Grey I probably read more shifter/vampire/horror/futuristic books from the likes of Laurell K Hamilton, Anne Rice, Stephen King, Dean Koontz,…

Want to Write and Publish Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror? AMA!

John B. Rosenman: This may be the hardest question I've received.  I think my favorite author of all time keeps changing.  I've liked Roger Zelazny and Ray Bradbury and Octavia E. Butler.  I would say that Stephen King and Robert Silverberg rank right at the top.  Per…

A One Stop Solution for Cryptocurrency Exchange Business | AMA

Helga Bjarni: Mainly we are providing the security features for our clients to build cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Volunteering in Peru- AMA

William Jondec: currently just on internet
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