Making The Grass Greener on Your Side: How To Live Life On Your Own Terms?

Kristina M.
Sep 18, 2018

Living your life your way. Isn't that what we all want? Well, we know that sometimes we all need to handle too many things, which is not always an easy task. Maybe you hate your job or things at work not going your way? You may think that everything is fine, but you feel the lack of productivity? Or you're working too much and the wallet seems to be empty all the time. So, maybe it's time to think about what's stopping you from leaving? There is a possibility that critical inner thoughts prevent you from chasing your dreams. So, let's work on it!

As humans, we always want what we don't have. Wanting what we can't have is one of the major causes of unhappiness and dissatisfaction in life. Is grass always greener on the other side? If you want greener grass then start watering and fertilizing the side you’re on.

When she was 17, Phoebe was in a pretty bad situation. She was in an abusive relationship for two years as a teen and after she got out of that situation, she vowed to herself that she would always live her life for herself and for anyone else.

When I was 17 I had my first serious boyfriend and what a ride that was! He was from a tough background and pretty soon he became addicted to drugs, he was also physically emotionally abusive. I was so ashamed of myself for getting involved with him that I didn't tell anyone. And I felt so sorry for him (obviously some sick power this guy had over me) that I couldn't bring myself to leave him. It was a horrible couple of years, but eventually, with the intervention of police, ambulance and a very kind couple, I was strong enough to leave him and never look back.

In her AMA session on the #WomenAMA channel, Phoebe Gill shared with us his life story about stopping following what everybody else was doing in order to start living her life - by her own terms.  How did it happen? Unexpectedly, as all good things in life usually begin like that. Do you know those situations when a sudden event or a completely unknown person forever change your life with a single sentence? In 2014, on the advice of a drunk Australian who told Phoebe that if her job doesn’t make her happy then she should quit; Phoebe did the bravest thing and marched into her manager’s office. She quit -just like that.

I don’t know if your grass is greener, I’m to busy watering my own.

Many people dream of traveling the world. They save up money, get going, and realize they don’t want to go back to work. Instead, they would like to extend their time abroad and start to look for ways to earn money on the road. Phoebe Gill offers advice to expats interested in remote employment while living abroad. With a high-speed Internet connection, good computer and marketable skills, you could earn enough income to support yourself abroad. And not just that,  some people have even found they can make more money this way when they realize their cost of living is a lot lower now that they don’t have a car payment or high rent. Phoebe realized the same thing. After she decided that she did not want to return to her office and to her 9 to 5 job, Phoebe began freelancing on Upwork and moved back to Colombia. 

This will sound a bit odd, but I always knew I would love Colombia even before moving there. I enjoy the music, the food, the sunny streets, and colorful houses. For me, it is like being in a music video, every day. 

It took me 3 months to start earning enough to be able to support myself in Colombia (but I only need $1000/month for a lovely life). At the 6 month mark, I was earning $2000/month and after a year, I was earning $3000/month but I was killing myself working all hours of the day getting all the work done. 

At the moment, I'm earning $2000-$2500/month and I'm happy here because it means I work part-time and can use the other time to work on my own personal projects. 

I try and go home a few times every year. I am lucky that I able to do this, due to working online, and also the lower living costs in Colombia allowing me to save money easily.

Where do you see your career and personal life heading? What type of work do you wish to see yourself shift towards in the near future?

However, I don't enjoy freelancing that much, I want to call all the shots! At the moment, I am working on my blog, which I plan on monetizing through affiliate marketing near future.

I am also in the process of starting a coffee business with my sister, selling sustainably grown Colombian coffee in the UK. I work with directly with the farmers to ensure that they are paid a really good price for their crops, the farmers are from Red Zones, this means that it is a lot more profitable for them to grow cocaine crops unless they receive fairer prices for coffee. 

I have no idea what I want to do with my life but that's OK because, as time passes, my confidence and self-belief is growing and growing which is making me braver in living life my way, irregardless if that is normal or not. 

Don’t betray yourself just because so many people are already doing it. 

Most people's dream job remains just that. Fear of failure or rejection keeps them away from truly unfolding the possibilities in life. Courage is how you persist in the face of fear., it’s what inspires in days of difficulty. Even outside of her career, Phoebe took the time to learn and educate herself. The effect of all of this was acknowledged by her as confidence and was apparent in how she carried herself forward. Due to her experience, she had a reason to be courageous.

People often associate courage with a healthy belief in oneself. That said, they tend to confuse this belief with blind faith. More often than not, courage is not the cause, but the actual effect. It grows over time from a sense of accomplishment and overcoming.

I think everyone is unique, but some people have enough courage to live life their way. Some people grow up with heaps of self-confidence which makes them brave enough to stand out from the crowd. I definitely wasn't one of those!

I honestly wish that I wanted to work in an office job for a corporate company and I always look at those people who have always known what they want to do and wish I could be like them! 

What is your biggest weakness and how do you cope up with that part of your life?

I'll be honest, it was really hard for a couple years to rebuild my self-esteem and confidence. Still, my biggest weakness is self-doubt. I dedicate a lot of my time to combat this, reading, listening and watching media that makes my confidence and self-belief grow. Self-discipline keeps me motivated. I think inspiration comes and goes. Habits are what keeps me trucking through when I'm not feeling inspired.

Thinking about making the jump to remote work & a digital nomad lifestyle? We don't blame you, who wouldn’t want to live on a tropical island, while still having the means to earn a living. Whether you’re only planning to become one, or have been one for a while, Phoebe's advice for  advice for all of you is very simple: 

Use the internet! Google has everything you need. Find one source that you like and stick to that guide. Don't be distracted by all the noise!

If you are lucky enough to have found something that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning, chase it. Who cares if only four other people are doing it? Become the fifth. We're keeping our fingers crossed for you!