Struggling to Get the Word about Your Book Out There? Here's How You Do It, According to a Multi-Published Author

Maria L.
Sep 12, 2018

What an honor it is to have your book mentioned in some of the most prestigious platforms in the industry. Just imagine the name of your own book coming straight out of celebrities, media outlets, blog sites, and companies – that’s obviously going to be your claim to fame.




Mike Sims was once mentioned in Lucille Ball, Bob Guccione, and Leni Rico’s pages, Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool 2, and more others, but that never did so much to put his works into the limelight, killing the chance of sold-outs and sky-high popularity like how one would expect after being featured on such platforms.


We hate to break it to you but while having such opportunity can be amazing, word of mouth is still far more better than anything else, and Mike’s experience as an author is a clear proof to that. How do you make it happen? Here’s how:

 QUESTION: How should a new author select the different and, most importantly, right social media channels to participate in?


You should participate in as many as you can.  Focus on the ones that generate the best results but use them all.  Each channel is another net to catch readers with.  The more you have, the more presence you have and the more search engines pick you up.


QUESTION: What are the common misnomers about social media that you have noticed?


That advertising is very effective, it really is not.

Telling people about your work will carry on.  People may read what you talk about but is quickly forgotten.  You have to repeat over and over to keep it locked in.

Making a comment will be read by everyone in that thread.  You might get a few but if your comment is more than a sentence, don't count on it.

If you bring your work with a political/religious message, it will be lost very quickly.  People are tired of hearing grandstanding.


QUESTION: In your opinion which platform is the fastest to use to get the word out there?


Facebook is still king even though there are many that have used it less mainly because of the hostile political attitudes towards each other on all sides of the fence.  Also, a large number of scammers and fake accounts have started driving people away so much Facebook has started proactively removing perceived fake accounts.  However, people still use it heavily to keep track of friends/family and that is the thread that is most useful to get the word out.  Books sell because of word of mouth and that is a great method.


QUESTION: With all the competing demands for reader’s attention, how can authors ensure they stand out?


That is the tough one.  I believe that visual ads that are unique gain attention.  The basic rule in advertising is repeat, repeat, repeat.  Even if you gain an audience you need a way to keep them informed of new books and developments like a mail list.


QUESTION: How can an author figure out what readers are looking for, and how can it be used to develop premium products and services?


That is a good question as people's interests change like a moving river.  However social issues come back around again and again so a book sees new life and becomes relevant over and over.  A newspaper and a magazine can only be truly timely for the moment.  Write what you feel and your work will find its time and audience.


QUESTION: Do you have a few tips on things that writers should NOT do when marketing their book on the social media?


Avoid making political stands or religious soapboxing.  That eliminates potentials readers by half immediately.  If you are one political party and make that point known, people on the other party will dismiss you without even considering your work.  Keep your post non-confrontational but sympathetic to issues.  Now that is if you want to reach a wider audience.  However, if you have convictions to expound than by all means do them and build your audience that is on your side of the fence.  However, generally, it is a marketing mistake.  Celebrities get political after a time and lose a lot of market share and it cost them movies all the time.


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