This is What You Can Get from Your Social Media Posts Aside from Likes, As Told by a Cryptocurrency Expert

Maria L.
Aug 8, 2018

A top view of a good food, a classic #OOTD shot, a mandatory makeup selfie or a flat lay of skincare products can go a long way more than just likes and hype-up comments – your seemingly minor Social Media posts are not so minor as they can actually make your wallet bulkier, believe it or not. Bet you didn't know that!

We're about to bring you a revolutionary, small business-friendly way of jumpstarting your cryptocurrency investments just by simply monetizing from the Social Media posts you make. Saddle up, social media bums as you meet FlipNPik, the first collaborative blockchain-based social media that allows you to monetize your posts every time you do that! 

Come with us as we give you a heads-up on what FlipNPik is, how it works, why it's great, and basically every reason which makes it a scenario where everybody wins, as told by the CEO himself, Henri Harland. 

Read all about it in their AMA session HERE.


“The idea of FlipNpik came from a discovery - local businesses are struggling to compete with large retailers and e-commerce giants. These local shops rarely have the resources needed to stay in the game. This is why we pointed out that an innovative solution is required to allow them to maintain a competitive edge and we adopted the blockchain and decided to monetize the users’ contributions.”

How does it work?

It starts by offering a win-win ecosystem. "We offer a platform where local businesses can have a business profile and post quality content on it. Users can discover those businesses in different ways like by geolocation or on the FlipNpik page where they swipe businesses like on Tinder.

The collaborative magic starts "when users get rewarded and paid for taking actions on the app such as liking, sharing or even creating content for businesses or adding businesses to the app. Plus a user who wants to play a more active role on FlipNpik will be able to become a partner ambassador of a merchant."

You are not just an ambassador - you're a paid ambassador. "As an ambassador, he or she can get paid up to 20% of the merchant spendings for premium services in FNP tokens by helping the merchant gain even more visibility. With this monetization system,  blockchain technology hits the sweet spot by allowing merchants to have access to fast, low cost, secure and scalable transactions with the FNP token.”


Why should you try it?

1. It’s basically just Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other similar platforms – only better.

FlipNpik is the first social media to allow users to monetize their social media engagements. Any action on FlipNpik is rewarded. Other social media such as Facebook don’t offer this advantage. But you can leverage your existing social media to increase your benefits for FlipNpik. So if you share from your FlipNpik profile to your Facebook or Instagram you will indeed gain merit points that you can exchange with rewards or tokens on FlipNpik.

2. It is meant to be affordable for everyone to buy in the cryptocurrency market.

“The team at FlipNpik believes that it’s with the contribution of the community that the ICO will be a success. With this in mind, we opened the private sale to the public allowing everybody, not only crypto ‘whales’, which is the standard practice, to benefit from a 50% - 100%  bonus with a low minimum buy-in at just USD100. In addition, we also added a money transfer solution so that the non-crypto community at large can also access the sale without the ‘crypto barrier’. Seasoned crypto investors can of course access the sale the way they are used to.”

 3. It is made for local businesses and not major brands, making it perfect for rising startups

“Our ecosystem is exclusively for local businesses. That’s what makes us different - we bring an innovative collaborative marketing solution that lets small, local businesses compete with big brands. Unlike any other social media, we pay users to post and share about local businesses. All local businesses worldwide are welcome on FlipNpik! We aim to improve local economies and the quality of neighborhood life.”

4. It IS a game changer.

“We are the first Ecosystem that allows users to monetize actions that they are already doing every day on other social media platforms and getting nothing for it right now. With our collaborative model where users help businesses to gain visibility by creating posts for them, adding them on FlipNpik or simply liking and sharing posts, we will definitely contribute to the growth of businesses.”

 5. Their FNP tokens offer great benefits to users.

“First of all, the FNP token has 15% more buying power than any other currency in the FlipNpik Ecosystem. Plus, users can obtain promotions, discount coupons and exclusive offers with the token. In addition, it can also be used to participate in games and buy products and services on preferential terms. For users who are also traders, when ICO is over, they can also trade with their FNP tokens whenever market conditions are favorable.”

 6. People are paid for simply socializing.

“With FNP tokens, users can become exclusive brand Ambassador Partners of their favorite businesses on FlipNpik. This is a win-win opportunity: merchants gain visibility by being active on the app and Ambassador Partners in return will receive from their business 20% of the budget allocated for premium services. Ambassadors serve as active promoters of the business with a vested interest in their success. These social media influencers drive business and boost the digital visibility of the brand.”

 Social media is more than what meets the eye - you better know how to use it, financially-wise! FlipNPik is surely a must-have investment for you and your small local business, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try it now and watch your social media posts become your most prized investment!