This Personal Motivational Blogger is a Living Proof to the Quote "New Day, New Hope"

Maria L.
Sep 8, 2018

Luz Serrano is no different from you – a mom, a grandmother, a professional, and anything that speaks of “your ordinary human being”. Since you and she are on the same ground, she understands your struggles, be it in work, personal, social, education, or spiritual life, making her the personal motivational blogger who connects with you on a personal, more intimate level.

But what sets her apart from other bloggers? Simple: everything she blogs, writes, and advises roots back to all the good, bad and unimaginable things that happened to her, having been through single teen parenthood, domestic violence, success as an insurance agent, murder of younger brother, depression, divorce, new marriage, doubt of her spirituality, and more.

Yet she’s here – fighting, happy, and contented, ready to share her story with the world. Come with us as we look back on Luz’s valuable insights on living, surviving, and fighting to make another day worth waking up to.

QUESTION: What inspired you to write your blog and how long have you been doing it?


I will give you a quick breakdown on what inspired me to write my blog.

I have had my blog going on two months now.  I have always loved writing and I am currently writing a book as we speak along with an E-course.  The inspiration comes from my own struggles that I experienced in life.  I also had a very traumatic loss several months ago.  My cousin committed suicide and I could not bear the thought of anyone feeling so alone to take those types of measures.  Hence the decision to come out with my struggles with the hopes that I can help someone, anyone.

Life puts us through some major ups and downs.  Surely it is due to our own decisions and mistakes.  However, the judgment that is placed upon us can be so overwhelming and crippling that the situations are exaggerated.  The judgment can be from ourselves or others, either way not healthy!

So what are our options?  Seek treatment where this goes into our records and we get advice from someone who only knows what we are going through from a textbook?  Hold it in and pray it goes away?  Figure it out and sometimes fail time after time and feel worse?  What do you do?  That's what I am here for!

I am no doctor and medical treatment is necessary at times (the serious medical issues do need a doctor-nothing against them at all!). 

But I am here for the person that made a mistake and cannot escape the world's judgment and just needs a little guidance getting past it.

I am here for the mom that is just feeling so overwhelmed with everything and just needs help organizing things a little better.

I am here for the person that just needs to vent and get an outside opinion.

I am here for the person that needs to know that they are not the only person that can mess things up.  There is still a light at the end of the tunnel.  I can show you!

That's what my blog is about and that's my inspiration.  To make sure that people don't feel alone and like they are the only messes out there.

  QUESTION: In what ways has blogging been a healing practice for you?


Honestly Miral, blogging is not a healing practice for me.  Blogging for me is a way to share what I have learned and what steps I had to take in order to heal.  Blogging is a way for me to educate and inspire and spread the word that anything is possible.

We become very conflicted with "failing" that we do not try at all.  Most of the times by the time we do try it's really late in life and we basically let our dreams fade away.  We lose hope and self-confidence.  This is where desperation kicks in and life seems unbearable.

Getting It Right 2Day allows me a way to connect with as many people as possible and say, "Don't quit on yourself!  That is the only real failure that there is in life.  Get up and try again.  What did you do that didn't work the last time, tweak the next try, and keep trying until you get it."  Life is a learning process and sometimes we get so caught up in being lost that we cannot see that the right way is just a few feet ahead of us.  

Getting It Right 2Day allows for me to say to you - "Here is my hand.  Just grab it and I will help you see that you are already on the right track.  You just need to go a little further and take these few leaps of faith.  We will see you succeed."

QUESTION: Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Do you think your experiences shaped you into the person you are today?


I am not certain that I believe that everything happens for a reason unless you can tell me what the reason is.  I think that things happen as a result of our actions/decisions.  It is up to us to decide what we are going to do with those consequences.  When we learn how to make even the most negative situations turn into positive situations we tend to use that slogan "everything happens for a reason".  However, we should not use it unless we know what reason.

The saying "everything happens for a reason" can lead us into not accepting responsibility for our actions and worse not taking action.  An example of this is when I hear people say, "Everything happens for a reason let's see what the reason is."  For me, it's like what?  So did it happen for a good reason or a bad reason?  That person took that saying out of content.  When I talk about having a child as a teen and I now have an amazing son and so many awesome stories people tell me everything happens for a reason.  So, everything happens for a reason right?  No!  

I made some decisions that led to me having a child at 18 years old.  I made so many mistakes as a mom and life was hard not only for me but for him as well at times.  I could not dwell on that though in order to succeed.  I had to make miracles happen for my miracle and it did force me to grow up and become the great person I am today.  Because from that point forward I decided to turn a bad decision into a good one.  I had to accept responsibility for my immature decision and turn into a positive one.  That happened as a result of me not putting excuses or giving up.  It took work and dedication not a casual everything happens for a reason.

My experiences definitely have shaped me into the person I am today.  Any experience in any person's life should have impacted you in some way.  The important thing is to make the decision to let those experiences mold you into someone better.  Always be learning and always be growing!  Always be sharing and always be teaching!  Negatives into positives.  

We are humans.  We make mistakes.  We make poor choices.  However, we cannot allow those poor choices to make us.  Make those poor choices a learning experience, appreciate the growing process, and accept responsibility, and be better.  

QUESTION: What is your personal formula to balance your roles as a mom, a wife, etc.?


The way I wish I could balance all of my roles or the way it actually really never balances out the way I plan!  Lol.

There is no personal formula to be able to balance out being a mom, wife, entrepreneur, blogger, sister, daughter, aunt, homemaker, etc.  I do not stress over being balanced or the fact that sometimes I totally suck at one if not all of these.  I just set time apart for the things I have to such as my work/blog portion and,  I complete what I can.  I set apart time for the house chores and I set time aside for my family (my mom, sister, nieces, nephew).

Mom is a never-ending job so there is never any time limits on that.  I do admit that when my husband gets home though or on the weekends is when I can focus the most on my work/blog and that's how I make sure the kiddos always have the attention that they need.  Usually, the hubby doesn't get a lot of time.  We have our late night conversations and if he gets off of work early he gets ALL of my attention while the kids are at school. 

We have SUNDAY.  In my house, Sunday is our family day.  We do whatever it takes to spend quality time and there is rarely any work done until everyone is in bed. 

The important thing to know is that we can plan however much we want, but we juggle too much as moms.  It's okay if we drop a ball or two during the day.  The one ball we cannot let fall is our health.  That is a glass ball.  All the others will bounce up.  So keep your sanity and know that things will not always balance!

QUESTION: How do you deal with conflict in a way that doesn’t ruin the relationship with the person you are conflicted with?


The way that I deal with conflict in a way that doesn't ruin the relationship with the person that is involved in the conflict is communication and understanding.  I like this AMA question.

Whenever we are experiencing conflict we are really quick to take everything personally and get on the defensive.  We tend to shut down our listening skills and focus on our emotions to speak for us.  It is okay to be emotional but controlled.  Here are some quick tips though.

Listen-People need to be heard. 

Repeat-Repeat what the person told you because it validates that you heard them and it also gives them a chance to hear how they sound.

Talk-Now you can express how you're feeling and back it up with why.

Let them talk again-This time honestly I usually don't listen too closely to what they say.  At this point, it really doesn't matter.  But I do act like I am listening.  I tell them I understand, but I still stand my ground.  I hope they understand me even if they don't agree.

End the conversation and usually end it with a handshake, hug, or kiss depending on who the other person is. 

QUESTION: What are a few tips on de-stressing at the end of a very hard work day?


 A few tips on de-stressing at the end of a very hard work day are:

  1. Kick off those shoes and get out of those uncomfortable work clothes.
  2. Blow off some steam by exercising. It doesn't have to be anything major.  Something quick while your bath is getting ready.
  3. Grab a book or play the radio and enjoy your bath. Make sure your bath has some oils to relax and feel silky smooth.
  4. Put on some comfy clothes for me it's tee shirt and shorts and goes for a walk. I get to enjoy the cool night air here in AZ and give my brain time to enjoy feeling free outside.

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