Unveil Your Ripped Inner Superwoman: She Is In There!

Guest Contributor
Aug 18, 2018

We superwoman mommas and professional woman have a drive for fitness success just like we have a drive for family success and career success. But there is a ton of misinformation out there about how to lose weight and maintain a strong fit body.  It’s often hard to figure out what the truth is, as most doctors aren’t trained in nutrition and exercise physiology.  Let’s cut to the chase, stop wasting time being confused and get to it, shall we? First, it is all about the plan and the goal. Create meaningful and realistic fitness and weight goals.

To succeed in a practice toward that goal sustainable, you need to make sure that the goal is attainable, measurable, and health-related (not vanity related). Break that long-term goal into small measurable increments and write out your daily steps into your daily calendar ahead of time and stick to it.  And the, it is all about cardio, right?  Unfortunately, no, you can't out-run a bad diet! The number and location of your fat cells is set at adolescence and so you can only affect the size of those cells with anything you do. The size of those cells is determined by what your body chooses to store in the cells, and what you store in them is dependent on what fuel (food) you provide it and when. Abs are made in the kitchen. Use cardio to improve mood, cardiovascular fitness, endorphins, and long-term health. Consider interval training and super-setting to boost metabolism. But don’t count on it for weight loss. On the other hand, strength (resistance) training is hugely beneficial for weight loss, whereas other types of exercise are only shown to be helpful for weight maintenance. One of the reasons is that muscle tissue is three times more effective at burning calories that fat tissue.

Many women are afraid to bulk up but it is a misconception as building big bulky muscles is done with a unique way of training and regular strength training won't do that to you. Weights should be heavy enough to fatigue by 15reps for light strength and minimal build, 10 reps for strength and light build, and 6-8 reps for heavy strength and heavy build. Do not neglect your small muscles for posture, balance, muscular endurance and injury prevention or your lateral muscles for support of front and back muscles. And lastly seek help, support and accountability! Find a certified personal trainer (suggest American College of Sports Medicine) or a health coach or virtual coaching program to help you to your goals. Specialists like this can meet you within your busy life and get you to your goals within your reality so you succeed wherever you are in life.

Contribution by Dr. Heather Hammerstedt

Dr. Heather Hammerstedt MD MPH is a Health Curator, Emergency Physician, passionate public health advocate, global health educator, momma of two amazing little men, skier, runner, life and food lover. She believes each of us has the capacity to create our own optimal health.  Sometimes we just need the knowledge, mindset and structure to make it happen. Wholist, her integrative care coordination company was innovated to break the mold toward a new approach to health care, providing team-based, comprehensive health services and wellness programs curated for each individual served. The result is an empowered client with the knowledge and data behind health and wellness (and the tools to apply it) so they can mindfully and purposefully curate their own health futures.

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