Jan 21, 2018

Boxing Fans! My name is Alex, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Round By Round Boxing (RBRBoxing). I'm a Blogger/SEO/Editor. I manage RBRBoxing which has 35 staff members worldwide. Ask Me Anything!

Jan 22, 2018

Ask Me Anything on Dating Relationship advice expert here to answer your questions about dating, love, marriage, as well as friendships and work relationships

Jan 22, 2018

AMA "Early child Marriage" Who is to be Blame?

Jan 22, 2018

Want to re-design dieting? I'm making a meal planning app, AMA.

Hi, I’m Agamonee Barbaruah. I’m a content writer/editor and a blogger. I blog about my opinion on life, people, and social vagaries! Check out "Kunti’s Confessions & Other Short Stories" and "When Women Speak Up” in Amazon, for my short stories. Ask me anything.

High Times First Top Cannabis Chef... Cannabis Educator... Interpener... AMA!

Jan 22, 2018

Hi, I'm Judy Mazzuca. I own Ink Forest, Inc., America's only Women-Owned and Green Certified screen printing company. Ask me anything about water-based screen printing inks and environmentally sustainable screen printing.

Jan 22, 2018

Project Management just got a whole lot easier. I'm Sky, and I'm part of the team that's building Nifty, the mother of all PM tools. AMA!

Jan 22, 2018

AMA - French Cuisine + Wine Spectator Award of Excellence Winner, Triomphe Restaurant. Dining and drinking with Restaurant Manager and Wine Director Eric Reyes

I am an education and cognition researcher following an underwater research team to New Zealand while they study coral communities with virtual reality and 360 cameras! Ask me anything and check us out on Kickstarter!

My name is John L Robinson. I'm a writer, gamer, and anarchist. I've just finished writing an anarchist RPG supplement called "Path of the Black Flag", that I'm currently funding through Kickstarter. Ask me anything.

AMA Immigration - Current USA immigration Queries. #Media #Bills #News #Policys H-1B Cap, H-1B Transfer, H-1B Extension & H-1B Amendment. Visa Stamping

Healthy, predominately plant-based chef with a side of bacon. Ask Me Anything about healthy eating, fighting inflammation, chronic pain, healthy cooking, organic roofdeck gardening, or my underground dinners! #cookingAMA

Jan 22, 2018

Ask me anything about trading stock and ETF options!

I am a self-published romance and erotic author. I currently have 9 books published. I am also a literary entrepreneur. I have been in the literary industry since 2012 and I have been writing since age 11. Want to know what keeps me inspired and motivated in this challenging industry? Ask me anything!

Ask me anything about self-change!

I am an up and coming author ask me anything. Www.facebook.com/YolandaDeFate and www.amazon.com/YolandaDeFate

My name is Theresa M. Odom-Surgick. I am an author, singer and songwriter. Ask me anything about my process in writing books and songs.

Ask me anything about living a decentralized life for total freedom, abundance, and happiness.

AMA: The Secrets of Medicinal Marijuana and adult use

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