Daniel Kwok Zheng Xian

Software Engineer student | Powerlifter | Coffee addict | Blogger |


Software Engineer student | Powerlifter | Coffee addict | Blogger |

A 20year old Software Engineering student based in Malaysia, who just so indulges in the sport of Powerlifiting, and the habit of drinking caffeinated products.

I run a blog, JustAnotherDude.com, which revolves mainly around topics of software engineering and/or programming, powerlifting, student life etc, with a good mix of technical and non-technical content. Check it out!!

I'm also available for hire through Upwork. I mainly provide entrance level programming/web dev jobs (I would claim to be somewhat proficient in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL, Java, C++ etc), and creating content for blogs. I am highly interested in both, not only because it creates an opportunity for me to learn and put my skills into a more practical, realistic framework, but I'm also able to promote myself better. It's a win-win situation for you and me.


Programmingweb developmentblog content creation
  • Less than 10 freelance/for fun projects for clients and friends alike

  • (On going) Software Engineering Degree in The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus