Fritzel De Guia

Business Planning I Market Researcher


Business Planning I Market Researcher

Hi! Welcome to my profile. I have seven years (academic and professional) experience in internet research, business development, and business analysis. I am also well-versed in Lead Generation projects.

As a freelancer:

I can help my clients make: Business plans/case, Marketing research/plans, Case studies, Industry analysis, Other academic/business papers

I am also familiar with all business functions: Marketing Management (Digital and Traditional), Financial Management (Accounting and Financial Analysis), Operations Management (Quantitative Analysis), Human Resource Management

I can help my clients generate the leads they needed in their business. My tools include: mLinkedIn Account Premium, MailTester (To verify validity of email address), Email Format (For email address formats across websites)

As a plus, I have experience in projects about:

- Real Estate Research (using Real Estate Websites and Google Maps and Earth)- Direct Selling

- Direct Selling

You can check my Upwork Profile Here:


My hobbies include reading, writing and watching. My ultimate dream is to be a philanthropist and a reverse tither. :)


Business Planning and DevelopmentMarketing ManagementDigital Marketing
  • B. S. Agribusiness Management University of the Philippines Los Baños