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Creating a Videobook: The Myth of Gaia


Creating a Videobook: The Myth of Gaia

Received a BSc degree in Biological Science, an M.S. degree in Medical Science from AUB, and a PhD in Microbiology & Biochemistry from BYU, Provo, Utah, USA in 1979. Worked as professor and researcher, then shifted career to hospital management projects, medical technology transfer, and pharmaceutical consulting. 

Now retired and want to spend the rest of my life creating science educational videos with young people in mind, because without science there will be no civilization.

I have also written 9 science fiction novels and would like to narrate them myself in video with images, stock footage, music, animation, and just tell the story as if I am sitting in your living room and talking to you.

The Myth of Gaia is a story about humanity's future, 50,000 years from today.  We lived on different planets, far away from Earth; planets that orbited a different star 4.3 light years away from our Sun.

See the trailer on this website or on my Science with Dr. J YouTube Channel:  https://youtu.be/gjrFqt10bUY

We lost our roots and ancient history, so our true origins from Gaia (Earth) were only a myth that no one believed.

A historian and his 18 year old daughter set out on a quest, to find out our true roots.  And thus started an adventure of conflict, heroism, surprises, romance, deceipt, loyalty, fear, courage, history, mysteries, drama, and beliwdering puzzles.

Will they ever find out and trace their roots back to Gaia? What will they find out? How?  Will it be too late? What happens next?

A saga of three books awaits, and it will raise goose bumps oll over your body!


Knowledge in natural sciences. Teaching and communication skills. Business development. Business management. Computer programming. Marketing. Addiction to math problem solving
  • Shifted career to hospital turnkey management projects. Medical technology transfer. Pharmaceutical consulting. Alternative Energy technology business ventures. Now retired and want to educate the younger generation on science & technology

  • Holds PhD in microbiology & biochemistry

  • worked as professor and researcher