Tam Warner Minton

Blogger, Social Media Influencer,Travel writer/blogger/photographer/author


Blogger, Social Media Influencer,Travel writer/blogger/photographer/author

My name is Tam Warner Minton, and I have loved to travel since I was a little girl. My husband and I traveled frequently, and as our kids grew up they traveled with us. When I became an empty nester, I began traveling more adventurously, and solo, as well as writing about my journeys, and thus Travels with Tam was born! My posts include many photographs, so if you love travel photography, food, wildlife and underwater photographs, you have come to the right place. I share stories about traveling, food, luxury hotels, adventure trips, scuba diving, and citizen science. I want to inspire others to get out and see the world, to expand their knowledge and enlarge their perspective. You can travel and “do good” for yourself, others and our planet at the same time! I am also the author of ALL FISH FACES,  a book to excite this, and the next, generation about preserving our oceans. 10% of profits go to Marine Megafauna Foundation! You can buy ALL FISH FACES on Amazon! Ask Me Anything! 


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  • I've had a lifetime of! Been to all 7 continents

  • Cage diving with Great White Sharks

  • Advanced Scuba Diver

  • Underwater Photographer (amateur)/Photographer

  • Citizen Scientist

  • Scuba with Manta Rays Whale Sharks Fish Sea turtles Whales Dolphins

  • Nat Geo Lindblad Expedition to Antarctica

  • Supporter of Marine Megafauna Foundation Supporter of Ray of Hope Expeditions Supporter of Meet the Ocean

  • Supporter of other marine conservation efforts

  • Solo traveler to Africa Asia Antarctica Australia and South America

  • Swimming with Pigs in the Great Exumas

  • I've been on safaris in Africa

  • Volunteered in Asia with Elephants

  • and I have fallen on every continent

  • I recently authored an introductary photo and fun facts book called ALL FISH FACES available on my website and on Amazon. 10% profits go to Marine Megafauna Foundation to fund research into our oceans and ocean giants! A great gift for kids of all ages who love the ocean!

  • Master of Science

  • Social Sciences