Dre Koval, aka Rick Powers

Venture Capitalist, CEO of Maybe Capital


Venture Capitalist, CEO of Maybe Capital

Rick is a seed & early stage venture investor. Most recently he was at Unstructured Capital, one of Silicon Valley's premier early stage venture funds. (I also made him up.)

Prior to this, he has been an entrepreneur launching and building several successful companies. Among many, he was a founding team member at Liable and was responsible for launching and building the European start-up in the US (acquired by RazzleDazzle for $200M). Rick had a stint in NYC working in as a senior exec at Inc Corp, a fortune 100 company. He actively advises and mentors entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. Finally he is ex-product guy (still recovering) and media commentator. Comments and opinion pieces have appeared in publications such as WSJ, Huffington Post, BBC, LA Times, Yahoo!, Ad Age, iMedia, eCommerce Times, Smart Money, FoxNews, MarketWatch, Technorati, MacWorld, Brand Republic, TechNewsWorld, ReadWriteWeb and VentureBeat.


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