Veronica Rashell Henderson

Ambitious Style Whore Student


Ambitious Style Whore Student

I am a 37 year old student, who has a great desire for all things fashion and style. I graduate with a Bachelors in Business in February and will go on to pursue my Masters in Marketing. I love self expression, which I give through my style and my passion of creating t-shirts. I love how versatile a t-shirt is and how you can dress it up or down. I am a big supporter of Mental Health Awareness and Women Empowerment. I currently launched a Kickstart project to get the funds to purchase my inventory for my t-shirt line that promotes women empowerment. My Kickstart Project link is if you would like to donate to my project that supports Women Empowerment and Mental Health. My fashion blog is where I share my tips, tricks and inspirational stories and messages to all women and men. You can also catch up with me on Style Hub You can shop my Simply Statuesque shop at

Please support my KickStart Project to bring awareness to Mental Health and Empowerment. Link to donate is below.


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  • 37 years of style expertise

  • Bachelors Degree Business Management