New Crime. New Weird. New Pulp.


New Crime. New Weird. New Pulp.

COFFIN HOP PRESS is a small press publisher located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

CHP began life as the Coffin Hop annual online author event, created in 2011 by then-indie horror author Axel Howerton. The event quickly grew from a small online gathering of 10-15 like minded indie horror authors, to sometimes hundreds of authors, artists and fiends.

COFFIN HOP PRESS, named after the event, was initially founded to facilitate the publishing of DEATH BY DRIVE-IN, a charity anthology benefiting LITWORLD.ORG, a worldwide children’s literacy charity, and featuring some of the regular contributors to the online event. The book features more than twenty Coffin Hop event regulars delivering bite-sized tales of Drive-In movie madness and Pop Culture thrills.

After the publishing of DEATH BY DRIVE-IN, Coffin Hop Press branched out into eBook lines, with Axel Howerton’s Manlove & Kickerdick Tricks (a series derived from his Ellis Award-nominated detective novel, HOT SINATRA) and various other now out-of-print titles.

In 2015, CHP brought together a bevy of wild western outlaws and uppity greenhorns for TALL TALES OF THE WEIRD WEST, an anthology of weird western tales featuring stories by Scott S. Phillips, Jackson Lowry (aka Robert E. Vardeman), C. Courtney Joyner, and the  mysterious El Cuchillo.

Also in 2015, CHP released the very Canadian crime collection, AB NEGATIVE. Featuring fourteen Alberta-based crime writers and their best Alberta-based crime stories, which ran the gamut from Sherlockian pastiche (Kevin Thornton’s The Mystery of the Missing Heir) to hardboiled detectives (Randy McCharles’ Murder on the Mall; Al Onia’s The Coelecanth Samba) and from Elmore Leonard-style criminal hijinx (Jayne Barnard’s Sudden Death) to S.G. Wong’s Arthur Ellis Award-nominated alternate history whodunit (Movable Type: Best Short Story Finalist 2015)

Following tose titles, CHP had planned a collection of Science Fiction Noir stories for 2016. When that project fell apart, Coffin Hop Press underwent a minor restructuring, and re-emerged in 2017 with a new mandate, and a new long-ranging slate of projects. New Crime. New Weird. New Pulp. That’s our motto.

2017 saw the release of Robert Bose’s FISHING WITH THE DEVIL: and other fiendish tales, a tremendous debut collection of fantastic stories with genre roots and a hellfire kick. CHP has also announced its ongoing line of dark crime novellas, NOIRVELLAS, beginning with Axel Howerton’s CON MORTE and followed by MANCHESTER VICE by Jack Strange. 2017 also saw the release of IT’S A WEIRD WINTER WONDERLAND featuring stories from a wide-range of incredible talents, including Steve Brewer, Scott S. Phillips, Will “The Thrill” Viharo, David James Keaton, and Jessica McHugh.

2018 promises to be another great year, with CHP celebrating the “Year of Publishing Women”, starting in April with INFRACTUS by Sarah L. Johnson, and the new Noirvella MURDERING MR. EDWARDS by Shawn L. Bird. Also appearing in April is Timothy Friend’s incredible two-fisted pulp throwback ROCKET RYDER & LITTLE PUTT-PUTT GO DOWN SWINGING. Summer 2018 will see the projected release of THE DAME WAS TROUBLE, a collection of stories from the best female Canadian crime writers around, as well as KILL AS YOU GO, a short story collection from two-time Arthur Ellis Award nominee and Bony Pete Award winner Therese Greenwood. Summer 2018 is also the planned debut of the Coffin Hop Comics line with the graphic novel FUTILITY: ORANGE PLANET HORROR from creators Rick Overwater and Cam Hayden.

Winter 2018 brings dark crime to the holidays with BABY, ITS COLD OUTSIDE featuring all-new stories from the likes of Rob Brunet, S.A. Cosby, Sam Wiebe, and E.C. Bell, and the dark comedy of KNUCKLEHEAD NOIR, an anthology of humourous noir-tinged stories about bumbling criminals, dimwitted sidekicks, and hopeless fools chasing the Big Score.

Visit our COMING SOON page to learn more about upcoming projects, or SUBMIT to find out about current opportunities to join the Coffin Hop Press family of miscreants and weirdos.






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