T. M. Becker



  1. M. Becker, called Steph by her friends and family, is the author of the young adult fantasy, Full Moon Rising. Always a fan of second breakfasts, hobbits, and Grimm’s fairytales, she spent her childhood afternoons buried in a book or acting out scenes from her imagination in the woods beside her house. In high school, she discovered a passion for theatre and even began a recording of The Hobbit for her younger siblings, complete with different voices for each character.

She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and nine children in a log house full of books, soccer gear, and perpetually mismatched socks.

One of her favorite things about writing is how a single image or idea can blossom into an entire series. In her spare time, (what is that?!) she enjoys teaching, cooking, trail running, and watching her sons and daughters play soccer.

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