Ben Midland

Ben Midland is a Dutch writer and whistle blower


Ben Midland is a Dutch writer and whistle blower

Ben Midland (pseudonym) is a driven and productive Dutch writer of fact-fiction thrillers in US-English, novels and short stories. He is a bachelor in both Japanese language and Modern History and an expert in Japanese religion, mythology and folklore. Midland lived for many years in Japan and the Philippines. Since 2013 Midland lives in Portugal together with his family. His latest book, The Devil's Society, a suspense novel, denounces the malicious practices of the Society of Jesus Christ (the Jesuit Order). The publication of this book resulted in an official threat by the order towards his person .


Writing novelsthrillersflash-fictioncolumns and literature.
  • Since 1964

  • Pre-Bachelor at the University of Leiden

  • the Netherlands.