Arminda Colon

Senior Software Developer / Consultant / Private Tutor


Senior Software Developer / Consultant / Private Tutor

I love to create in many forms. I enjoy gardening throughout the year and grow a little bit of everything in my food forest. I also enjoy puzzles, sewing, crochet, knitting. On a rainy day, you may find me reading a good book or watching sci-fi movies and television shows.

I am an herbalist who enjoys creating natural & organic body products as well as herbal teas. I aspire to create games and am teaching myself how to create 3D objects, characters and design clothing for characters.

I love a good challenge, so when it comes to debugging I go deep to innerstand how the pieces fit together.Feel free to check out my professional resume


ProgrammingDevelopmentBusiness Analyst
  • 10+

  • A.S. Programming and Networking Degrees