Gerrit Keferstein, MD

Performance Coach | Medical Doctor


Performance Coach | Medical Doctor

I am a Medical Doctor and the past 10 years I have worked as a Performance Coach and Performance Director integrating strength&conditioning, nutrition, physical therapy, medicine and planning of professional sports teams and athletes in basketball, icehockey, badminton, volleyball, and soccer.

My focus while working with professional athletes and teams from all over Europe is the organic nature of training stressors, adaptation and regeneration and to optimise the training process by optimising the athletes stress reservoir, biochemistry and hormonal response to training.


Sports MedicineFunctional MedicineSports ScienceNutritionChronic DiseaseImmune SystemRegenerationGut HealthAdaptationRehabilitation
  • Professional Icehockey

  • Professional Basketball

  • German National Team

  • Published Author

  • Found of ALLOUT Performance

  • Founder of BIOFLOW Medical

  • University of Wisconsin

  • Universität Bonn

  • Medical Doctor

  • NSCA


  • Institute for Functional Medicine