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Author, Playwright, Teacher, Human, A Little Brain Dead


Author, Playwright, Teacher, Human, A Little Brain Dead

Kimberly Davis Basso's first book is the irreverently titled "I'm a Little Brain Dead", which chronicles her stroke at the tender age of 44 while home alone with her two kids. Called "undeniably funny," and filled with "rolling on the floor hilarity" her memoir follows her every medical adventure in an eight week span, from the 911 call to her eventual heart surgery. It's a laugh riot.

In her spare time, KDB teaches parents how to prepare their kids for emergencies like hers and shares her story via Circle of Red to help raise funds for the American Heart Association.  In her spare spare time, she watches I'm a Little Brain Dead battle it out with the perennial classic I'm a  Little Teapot on Amazon, where she has a 5 star reader rating. "I'm a Little Brain Dead" is an Award Winning Finalist in the Humor category of the 2018 International Book Awards, and also earned a 5 Star Readers Favorite review rating.  And, in what KDB believes may be an early peak in her career, one reader admitted she only got as far as the book's dedication before she "peed [her]self." From laughing, not from like, sneezing hard. Thought that can happen. 

Kimberly Davis Basso is currently working on the prequel to her brain deadness and a young adult adventure series. A native of the Boston area, KDB has always been a writer- of stories, of plays, and of lists.  She worked as a stage director and producer for nearly twenty-five years, directing more than 150 plays, musicals and operas for the stage. She also originated a few festivals, because why not? After five cross country moves - Boston => San Francisco => Miami => Los Angeles => New York => she landed back in LA where she enjoys good health. Of her many past roles, her favorite was fight directing the cleverly named "FIGHT!!!"

Due to her theater experience and the overwhelming financial security that brings, KDB also worked as a teacher, a marketing director, and helped start a start up in Silicon Valley. 

Get in touch - visit, or on the Instagrams and the Twitters @KDBWrites. But if you really want the inside scoop, go to her website and join her mailing list. None of the cool kids are doing it, so you know it will be totally trendy in a few years. 

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WritingTeachingCursingDirectingLaughing (usually at herself)
  • 25 years directing producing and writing for the stage

  • BA English College of the Holy Cross