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Dating Tips from a Branding & Communications Expert


Dating Tips from a Branding & Communications Expert

If you were to launch a product or business, you have to plan on marketing that product to the appropriate target audience, right? Yes! Because you know the goal is to build a brand that naturally resonates with customers.

Surprisingly, that does not actually happen naturally.

You have seen this in your professional life and as a consumer. You know that branding works. And you know that it never happens overnight and it never happens in a vacuum. The most sublime, subtle, quite brands have expended tremendous energy, money, and creativity in cultivating their look and feel.

Why would you spend any less time cultivating and sharing your authentic self when looking for the love of your life?

I am a media and public relations expert by trade and for years my friends and I (guys and girls) have applied my marketing, branding, media, and communications experience to our dating lives. We have lots of stories! We call them Cock Tales. It has been a rollercoaster of marriages, divorces, affairs, break-ups, heartbreak, love, laughter, fun, great sex, horrible sex, silly sex, and lots and lots of first dates. 

My advice has always been based on my business experience in working for public relations firms, for corporate communications teams, and in consulting with over 100 small business clients.

Blame it on my MBA, but I know match-making takes both the art of human interaction and the science of experience to work. Yes, even your soul mate needs some PR sparkle to get things started and a great coach can help you believe in yourself and thrive in the dating world!

I help clients by using my digital marketing expertise to guide their online presence - from photos to words, to the overall presentation to actual in-person events. 

Image Dating Coach is about understanding that “winning isn’t everything” and dating is not a game. I will work with you to put in place a helpful process to get through the technology and sometimes silly or stressful parts of dating while understanding what motivates you to connect with others or to find The One.

I am super glad you are here. I would love to chat more and you can reach me here or visit me on Facebook and send a private message. And thanks for being part of this AMA. It really helps me to understand where you are at and how I can help.

Happy Dating!




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