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The fastest and most private keyboard in the world


The fastest and most private keyboard in the world

Built with a powerful and intuitive gesture system coupled with auto-correction in 45+ languages, Fleksy is the best keyboard to type with. And by being the Guiness World Record holder for the fastest keyboard, you'll never want to look back. Fleksy is so fast that you’ll be able to type accurately with your eyes closed. 

What you type is private, no one can access what's yours.  This means that everything you type stays on your device.Fleksy is so private that even Governments and organisations around the world ensure their keystrokes are not leaving their device. Never.

Whether you're an OEM or an app developer, you can earn money with Fleksy! Fleksy's fleksyapps are perfect for reaching millions of users instantly. OEMs can double their profit margins without ever using intrusive ads! It's a perfect match!

Fleksy works with illustrators, designers and brands around the world building creative themes for your keyboard.In exchange of promoting their art to millions of users, we reward them by sharing our earnings while showcasing their work to millions around the globe.

Access apps from your keyboard

No more switching apps to search the web, videos, music, movies and more! Access fleksyapps from the chat, email or notes app! Each fleksyapps fetches songs, videos, restaurants in one single tap for you.