Svetlana Ruiz Kasparova

AMA Rank 67

Wine Expert, Sommelier


Wine Expert, Sommelier

Svetlana Ruiz Kasparova is a wine expert who has been working with wine estates across Europe for over eight years. She runs regular wine seminars and tastings in Germany, Switzerland and Russia. Svetlana is a graduate of the famous wine school “Entoria” and a Wine Games medalist.

Svetlana teaches Introductory Wine Course in HBF School. 

Happy Bellyfish (HBF School) is a team of food, wine and nutrition experts who make healthy food choices easy. We offer online courses and live cooking classes that can help you improve your health, loose weight or simply learn new cooking skills.

We make healthy eating and cooking easy and provide you unbiased information about food, based on centuries-old traditional knowledge.

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