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Hi, my name is Renata. and I'm from Belgium.

Married with my lovely husband Peter since 1986. I am sure you can already guess that I am no spring chicken. Mother of two grownup kids, Nathasja and Michael and even grandmother of my lovely prinses Lana since 2016.

Art and music have always been a large part of my life since I was a child. I took drawing lessons and sang and later on I learned to play the piano. I even was the leadsinger of a band for a few years.

Up until 2007 when I had to stop it all, because of severe problems with my back and joints. My cartilage is of very poor quality and as a result I have had several surgeries. Singing in a choir or band was no longer an option, because it got to be to painful.I needed to find another occupation or hobby to keep my mind of the pain.

That way I came to the idea of starting to make my own jewelry. The question was how to start. Internet has no secrets for me so I started searching diligently on the web and taught myself how to make jewelry. In the beginning they were very simple necklaces by just stringing beads on a wire.

Well done I thought to myself and in 2013 I opened my Etsy shop for the first time, hoping to make a few sales. you guessed it right that obviously didn't work. I realised it was not up to scratch and closed my Etsy shop again.

Giving up was not an option and I went on a search for more intricate beadwork that I would be able to make. Not just something I could shake out of my sleeve. So I discovered the magazine Bead&Button, which contained a lot of special beadwork. I bought the book Creative Beading, which was a compilation of all the stuff they had published in their magazines througout the past year. That way I learned a lot of different techniques and got inspired to make my own designs.

Nowadays practically all of my spare time goes to beading and designing jewelry. Everything in my shop is made by myself. A lot of those pieces require a lot of technique and 3 or more days to make. But I just love making special jewelry, original and unique pieces of art.

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