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Jestan Mendame is a marketing/lead generation strategist for Track That Travel. 

Track That Travel is a global blogging platform that allows users to have a free blogging dashboard where they can keep record of their travel stories and connect with other travelers. If their stories get a lot of engagement, they will get rewards.

Rewards can reach up to $100/blog. You can join our growing travel community by signing up here.

Latest AMAs

I'm Jestan and I'm one of the Marketing Strategist for a startup website called Track That Travel. It's a free blogging platform where you share stories and get a chance to be paid for them. Ask Me Anything!

I taught myself how to build a website simply by researching online. Ask Me Anything!

I'm a travel blogger who's into green/sustainable travel. Ask Me Anything!

I'm Jestan Mendame and I love to explore. I've swum with sea turtles, observed dolphins in their natural habitat, hiked a mountain full of carnivorous plants (pitcher plants), ate live sea urchins, ate an undeveloped duck egg, ate barbecued chicken intestines, and more. Now, I'm still trying to add to that list! Ask me anything!

Hey! My name's Jestan and I'm Filipino. l live in a third world country and I'm saddened by the fact that some people here still don't know what the internet is, can't afford to get an elementary education or even don't get to eat three times a day. In fact, I met a boy who's from an indigenous group who doesn't have a name and doesn't know his age. His family just call him "Bugol-Bugol." Ask me anything!

Hey guys! My name's Jestan and I'm a digital nomad/travel blogger from the Philippines. One of my main goals is to raise awareness that my country has a beautiful side compared to what most people see on the media. The people are great, the destinations are amazing. Ask Me Anything!


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